It looks like Fox has decided once again to rename their upcoming thriller ‘The Frankenstein Code‘ and has finally settled on ‘Lookinglass’ as the title. With the new series originally been titled ‘Frankenstein’ and the producers having long made it clear that it is only loosely inspired by Mary Shelley’s classic, it seems like a good move on the studio’s part.

As the show is firmly a police procedural and not based in the realm of horror, using ‘Frankenstein’ might put off those who don’t enjoy horror and wrongly attract those which do. We’ll see the series come to life from Rand Ravich (‘Life’,’Crisis’) and Howard Gordon (‘Homeland’) which at the very least gives it some truly creative names behind its inception.

The series will follow Rob Kazinsky (‘Pacific Rim’,’True Blood’) as Jimmy Pritchard who is a morally corrupt cop that had been forced to retire. When he stumbles upon a crime in progress his life comes to an end, though that end doesn’t last for long. In the series we see the Goodwin twins, billionaire inventors who are rich from starting the social network Lookinglass, bring him back from the dead. Now with a new lease on life in a younger body and more strength than ever before, we see Pritchard with a new lease on life. Does he go after those who had him killed? Fix his family problems? Or fall back into the habits that landed him at death’s door the first time around?

You can check out a sneak peak for ‘Lookinglass’ below!

Fox has had a mixed bag when putting together a police procedural with any kind of a genre show. Some have been a stretch to be called both such as ‘The X-Files‘ and ‘Gotham‘. There have been hits like ‘Sleepy Hollow‘ which keep coming back for more while others such as’Almost Human‘ have fallen short from the ratings that should have kept them going longer. The network already has ‘Lucifer’ coming as a genre mash up so it’s a good thing that the procedural portion on this one seems to be taking precedence over the science fiction of bringing the dead back to life.

What do you think of the name change from ‘The Frankenstein Code’ to ‘Lookinglass’? Is this a show that you think you might be checking out? Share your thoughts below!

‘Lookinglass’ is set to premiere on Fox in 2016.

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