“A liar will not be believed,

Even when he speaks the truth.”

 A woman seeing wolves everywhere she goes as another follows herself around searching for her most prized possession while everyone’s favorite ex-Grimm is presented with the biggest of decisions if he wishes the return of his supernatural mojo are all a part of this week’s ‘Grimm.’

Such a dapper looking luison

Accompanied by Monrosalee, Elizabeth presents Nick with the news he’d been waiting to hear; she has the cure to reverse Adalind’s de-powering potion. There is a bit of a catch though. To counteract Adalind’s magic, they have to use a reversal that is in direct opposition to the original. What does that mean? Well, Juliette is key and will have to “do what Adalind did”, namely sleep with Nick wearing the hexenbiest bitch’s face. It’s a prospect the Wesen friends try to walk Nick through but, as always, Trubel hits to the heart of the matter. Though they both will know it’s each other, the lingering hurt still remains and the subtext of the action itself could put a split between Nick and Juliette, a driving force behind Nick not wishing to put Juliette through it again. Elizabeth allows them a bit of time to decide but they better not dally because she won’t be in Portland too much longer. For their part, Nick and Juliette discuss amongst themselves if it’s about time for them to try for a normal life…

On the other side of things, Ava Diaz is going crazy, seeing a wolfman talking to her, reminding the breaking woman “I’m here because you want me to be.” The visions drive her from the house and she ends up running down an unfortunate jogger (in the middle of the night no less) before crashing. The next morning, after a chat with Trubel and Bud, Nick arrives to the scene with Hank in two. Wu gives them a quick rundown of the events while offering not so subtle hints that the wolf thing shouldn’t be discounted out of hand. After all, there are a “lot of things open to interpretation.”

While the detectives question the hospitalized Ava and her hubby Gabriel, Trubel pays a visit to Shaw. Though Bud had told Nick he needed Portland’s only current Grimm for a Wesen bully thing at his kid’s school, the Shaw in question, through the gossip grapevine (courtesy of Bud) Nick’s no longer in possession of his Grimm powers. She drops a decidedly clear warning to the Wesen, one he won’t soon forget. She knows it’s a stop-gap though and, sooner or later, more Wesen with an ax to grind will find out. It’d be like a cop in prison—a free-for-all for the inmates.

Monroe finds proof of Ava’s tormentor

During the visit back to Ava’s, Gabriel tells the detectives of his wife’s mental illness, started not six months ago. They meet with Ava’s psychiatrist who corroborates the story thengives them sketches of what the troubled woman has been seeing. Taking it to Monroe, the blutbad confirms the Wesen as a Luison from the Central/South American regions. The only question is does Ava know? Not wishing to involve Trubel, Nick enlists Monroe to confirm the Luison presence in the Diaz manor (one, by the way, she inherited). Though Gabriel is supposed to be gone, a guy looking eerily like him shows up while Monroe’s sniffing around. Looks like the men are twins, working together to drive Ava crazy. Or that’s the working theory. They devise a plan to tell Ava, using masks as the reason behind what she’s seeing. Things take an even more interesting turn when we find there aren’t two brothers but four, all united in their goal to drive the poor Ava insane, thus gain control of her estate and company, conservatively estimated at a cool $50+ million.

The hectic day is coming to an end with Monrosalee hosting a friendly dinner with Nick, Juliette, and Hank. Nick admits to Monroe how much he’s missing his powers. “I like being a Grimm,” he says, quite pissed how it was taken from him. The dinner is interrupted when a fire is spotted outside on the lawn, a burning Wesen symbol speaking out against the inter-wesen marriage between Monroe and Rosalee. Combined with what she overheard between Trubel and Bud, the fiery prejudice brings Juliette to a final conclusion. “You need to be a Grimm again,” she says and the two look to one another, decision made.

Tears, Fears, and Dears

  • For the briefest of moments, it seemed as if Juliette was going to balk at Nick returning to status as Portland’s primary Grimm. It was a selfish but understandable wish, one she knows cannot and—more importantly—should not be fulfilled. Not only will they face threats from the locals but there are much bigger things at stake, something Nick is reminded of when Josh Porter, the human son of former Grimm Rolek Porter, calls Nick about two Wesen tearing his house apart. They both know the men are looking for one of the seven Keys (now in Nick’s possession) that, when combined, reveal the location of a fantastic treasure.
  • Though she believed she was so close to escaping, an Adalind full of fear and grief at the loss of her child, discovers that her flight was all orchestrated in her mind by Viktor, to mentally and emotionally break her. It’s successful, with her giving up, telling the Prince she will do whatever he asks. His only wish is to find baby Diana, something Renard’s mother Elizabeth will also be working to do now that she knows who’s in possession of the baby. It’s going to be a race to find the innocent babe as both the good, the bad, and the questionable set their sights on Kelly Burkhart and her invaluable charge.