Square Enix has released ten minutes worth of footage for the much anticipated ‘Final Fantasy XV’ that gives players a glimpse at its massive world.

Originally released in October during the Paris Game Festival, this latest release of the gameplay has it all shown in sharp and lovely 1080p.

For those who have not seen the gameplay footage, it highlights how the game will be incredibly open-world in nature in terms of basic traversal. From what is shown, the game lets you drive a car around its huge world and even lets you get out any given time to further explore the surrounding landscape that is filled with all kinds of creatures. Unfortunately, a good majority of the footage seen is just exploration through areas during different times of day with little combat to be seen.

Alongside the ten minute gameplay footage, a second video has also been released that shows off a little bit of the technology that has gone into bringing ‘Final Fantasy XV’ to life, such as its visual effects, day/night lighting systems and weather systems and even its animation and AI.

‘Final Fantasy XV’ was originally announced as a spin-off to ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ back in May 2006. At the time, the project was called ‘Final Fantasy Versus XIII.’ To say the least, ever since that point, the game has had quite an up and down development process due in part to the complete lack of any news or announcements made during trade shows about the game. However, this all changed during E3 2013 when Square Enix finally showed off a trailer confirming that the long awaited ‘Final Fantasy Versus XIII’ had officially became ‘Final Fantasy XV,’ the newest numerical entry in the franchise.

As of writing, ‘Final Fantasy XV’ has no release date but is scheduled to release on PS4 and Xbox One.