Attention mutants who use GPS. If you’re looking to find a location where you can hone your abilities in a secure atmosphere without any discrimination, you can now easily find the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning on Google Maps.

This is for real. The location that serves as home base for the X-Men, once known as Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, is actually featured on Google Maps. Enter the address often used in the comic books, which is Greymalkin Ln, Westchester County 1407, North Salem, NY 10560. You’ll be taken to the Institute’s page where you can, of course, see the street view, photos and reviews. As of today, the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning has a 4.7 out of 5 stars.

Surprisingly enough, the X-Mansion did receive a 5-star review from a user going by the name of Logan. Logan writes, “There ain’t enough beer, the kids are all annoyin’ as hell, butKurt says that I have to write somethin’ positive down or that he’ll ‘port me into a wall.So, I guess taht the other teachers are alright an’ all. I get some sorta enjoyment outta teachin’ the kids ‘surrvival’ techniques.”

(Please forgive the typos. I imagine it’s hard to type with claws.)

However, a few people left 1-star reviews, including one user who ranted about the frequent absences of his instructors, the prevalence of noises that sounded like jets departing, and the school’s inability to properly prepare students for college with basic math and English classes.

Another user points out that the headmaster has a striking resemblance to Captain Picard from ‘Star Trek’.

Find the X-Mansion on Google Maps!

Source: CinemaBlend