A mysterious and very powerful new villain appears, while Jubilee, suddenly toting around a baby, heads back to the US from Bulgaria.  She senses she’s being followed by a man who is later revealed to be the villain John Sublime.  Something odd occurs involving the baby, leading to a runaway train incident, with Storm, Rogue and Kitty scrambling to save everyone on board.

Back at the Jean Grey School, Psylocke and Rachel Grey confront John Sublime who genuinely seems to need their assistance.

This was a really solid opening to this new series.  The art by Olivier Coipel is absolutely gorgeous!  It’s very cinematic and employs unique angles.  His faces are stunning and remarkably consistent.

The story, while just the opening of this series, sets the tone nicely.  The dialogue is great and like the artwork, each character speaks in a different voice.  It’s an interesting mix of characters.  Rogue, Storm and Kitty are the classics, with Jubilee and Psylocke coming along later.  I find it a bit redundant that the team has two telepaths, but we’ll see how that works out.

Overall, this was a really strong opening.  One of the better #1 issues I’ve read in a while.  I’m really looking forward to the next issue!


X-MEN #1
Written by Brian Wood
Art and Cover by Olivier Coipel