NBC has decided that New Line Cinema’s 2000 science fiction hit ‘Frequency’ needs a reboot as a TV series. They are so confident in the project that they have a script-plus-penalty commitment in place so that it is almost guaranteed to get at least a single first season run. I personally am not sure why the studio decided to go with rebooting another film into a television series but the executives over at the company must really feel that this is the best option at this point.

Toby Emmerich, who wrote the original film version of ‘Frequency’ is on board as the executive producer. This time around the series itself will be written by Jeremy Carver (‘Supernatural‘,’Being Human‘) who has experience in both running a successful longer playing series and writing a multi-season remake, so if anyone might be able to tackle the project it would be him.

While the idea of ‘Frequency’ as a film might be sound, the plot itself gives the series a limited shelf life. In the movie we had a man in present day times find a way to tap into a previously unused frequency and actually contact his father in the past. He used this frequency to change the timeline and allow them to work together in order to find and stop a serial killer from tearing their family apart. Happy endings all around but unless there are some major changes here it is hard to see how this could be an ongoing series past stopping the serial killer.

It’ll be interesting to see how they handle rebooting the film, though I suspect it will take a lot to keep us interested in watching this for the long haul.

What do you think about another film getting a reboot? Are you excited to see ‘Frequency’ revisited or do you think this one is another waste of time where NBC would be better off spending it’s money on original content?

Source: Crave Online