William Shatner Jason Isaacs

The space dust has settled.  William Shatner has unblocked Jason Isaacs on Twitter.  Just days ago, Isaacs, who plays Captain Gabriel Lorca on ‘Star Trek: Discovery‘, took to that social media platform to announce that the O.G. ‘Trek’ leader had blocked him:

But just two days later, it seems the outspoken Shatner quietly unblocked Isaacs, but remained uncharacteristically quiet on the matter, save for an announcement that the ex-Lucius Malfoy was now unblocked.


Shatner remained mum, even after some baiting on Isaacs’ part.

No word on what kicked off this Twitter war, but it may have stemmed from the frequently misquoted Isaacs saying in an interview that he didn’t want Shatner to appear on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ which some interpreted as a dig.  But here is his full quote on the matter:

“Kirk doesn’t come along for 10 years and when we meet him, he’s 26, so it would be a weird timeline if [Issacs’ character met Kirk].


“Someone asked which cast members from the existing series would you like to guest star. I think people watch good drama shows and they completely suspend their disbelief, they feel like they’re looking through the keyhole at another world, if you do it well enough. If you have stunt celebrity cameo casting, it completely pulls them out of it. They feel like they’re watching a Saturday Night Live sketch. So I just hope people believe our stories, are engaged with them, and I’m happy to meet Will Shatner in real life in a restaurant.”

Back in August, Isaacs caught heat for saying that he didn’t “care about the die-hard Trek fans” in another interview, which he had to later clarify, saying that he meant that the show’s cast and crew were trying to attract viewers beyond the loyal Trek fanbase.  He didn’t “care” about trying to attract the die-hards, because he knew they would already tune in to see the show for themselves.  (Of course that happened and… well, a lot of  them didn’t like it, but that’s another subject.)

So peace is restored to Federation space.  Can you sleep at night now?

Source: Entertainment Weekly