I’m sure no one out there has seen one of the gazillion iterations of how Batman came to be after a young Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents, Thomas and Martha, brutally gunned down in front of them, so thankfully ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice‘ appears to being setup to show us that scene once again. I mean I get it, it’s an iconic moment in setting young Bruce on the path to become Batman but do we really need another take on it? Apparently these latest pictures that came out of Zack Snyder’s set seem to think that another look at it is a must. I wonder if this will be a flashback when Bruce is hanging out at the Wayne Crypt or if that scene will be a young Bruce attending his parents’ funeral.

If we can take anything positive about it is that it would be the first time on film that the origin is told fully right with ‘The Mark of Zorro’ being the film that we see the Wayne’s leaving on the fateful night of their murder. While Zorro may not be as popular as he once was, the original love of the character for Bruce most likely helped shape how he would end up as Batman as the two are men of wealth who both wear costumes to hide their identities and use caves as a hideout.

Let’s take a look at the shots from the set shall we?

Filming resumes tonight. #BatmanvSuperman #bvschicago

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Wayne murder. #batmanvsuperman #bvschicago

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Wayne murder. #batmanvsuperman #bvschicago A video posted by Dan Marcus (@danimalish) on

So while I can fully appreciate that the new telling of Bruce’s origins are going to be accurate, I’m not sure if they are entirely needed here. We’re treading on old ground that has been told time and time again that seem more like something that should fall to the cutting room floor than anything else just with how much they are already trying to fit into the film.

What are your thoughts on seeing the Waynes’ murdered once again? Are you okay with this addition or feel that everyone has enough of an understanding of Batman by this point that we didn’t really need it included?

Source: Comic Book Movie