It has been no secret that Katie Cassidy’s character on ‘Arrow,’ Laurel Lance, was going to end up as Black Canary. We all knew it, now we can see it!

That’s right folks! The first two pictures of Cassidy filling out her new costume have been released by the CW and it shows us Laurel in the full Black Canary gear and hair. Taking over the role from her sister Sara appears to have made Laurel’s hair much much blonder. That’s okay though, it looks good! Of course, just because she looks good doesn’t mean many of us are going to like Laurel’s character that much more. At least, not right off the bat.

Here, the new and improved Laurel:

While many superhero and villain outfits can be a little unpractical doesn’t it almost seem like there might be a few too many buckles happening here to quickly change into her uniform? I guess speed isn’t going to be that important while preparing to get out to fight.

Speaking of the importance of getting ready to fight, when we last left Laurel, she told her trainer Ted that she wasn’t just preparing for anything but was specifically out to get revenge on her sister’s killer. While you think that proper training might take a bit longer, the latest episode clearly has her saying “I want to avenge my sister’s death” so I’m expecting quite a bit of fighting to crop up in he near future! I’m sorry but I think just a couple weeks worth of boxing lessons might not be quite enough to go from zero to super hero.

I know, I know, fantasy television show. Seriously though I hope she ends up being told she isn’t ready, goes out, and runs into trouble that she can’t handle so she has to go back to train more. That just feels, right.

What are your thoughts on Cassidy as Black Canary? Is it too soon for her to be out for revenge? Does she have the look down that you were hoping for? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend