So despite the news that CBS does not at this point in time want to cross-over ‘Supergirl’ with the ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash’ series’ over on the CW, it seems the president of the CW, Mark Pedowitz, is secretly hoping that she will change her mind. In a recent interview discussing ‘Supergirl‘ and the possibility of her crossing over onto his network, he said the following:

“I leave that to (‘Supergirl’/’Arrow’/’Flash’ executive producer) Greg Berlanti if they can make it work…I’m open to crossovers.”

And for those unsure of why ‘Supergirl’ went to CBS in the first place, it seems Pedowitz does regret the decision to pass on the show, essentially calling it very shortsighted. His reasoning however, does make sense:

“We hadn’t launched ‘The Flash’ yet, we weren’t ready to take on another DC property…In hindsight we probably should’ve gone that direction… Sometime you lose great shows.”

At least Pedowitz can admit the mistake, and clearly he and the network are making up for it by launching ‘Legends of Tomorrow‘ so quickly after the success of ‘The Flash,’ capitalizing on the big name actors currently taking on roles on ‘Arrow’ and ‘The Flash,’ including Brandon Routh (the Atom), Dominic Purcell (Heatwave) and Wentworth Miller (Captain Cold). According to Pedowitz:

“This was a great opportunity to create a third leg of the stool.”

A fact that I completely agree with. Having ‘Supergirl’ on the network would have been great too, and I do hope CBS eventually gets off their high horse and allows the show to join in on the crossover fun, but for now, having 3 DC shows on the CW is going to be very exciting, and interesting to see how they are going to pull it off, how many cross-overs they will be able to pull off logistically, and whether or not they will be able to keep up the quality of all 3 shows going at the same time.

Let us know your thoughts about a ‘Supergirl’ cross-over below!

Source: Deadline