Sometimes a show goes off on such an unexpected tangent, it’s hard to classify. And then there are the assumptions on whether or not X, Y, and Z will work. Some experiments are welcome and others…well, others should best be left on the chopping block. But when you have a strong track record nearly a decade long, you’re able to take such changes and, more often than not, those chances, no matter the oddity, somehow hits the mark.

Supernatural’’s“Fan Fiction” is that chance.

Still trying to ease their way back into the hunting mix, Sam and Dean find themselves in Flint, Michigan and the case of a missing teacher. Despite Sam’s reticence, Dean wants them to get involved. “Out there hunting,” Dean tells him, “it’s the only normal I know.” When they get to Flint, the brothers are blindsided by the biggest of surprises: a high school student’s fresh take on Carver Edlund’s ‘Supernatural’ book series.

Asking questions about the production

Marie is the creative genius behind the production, with Mai as her right-hand woman. While Sam pairs up with Mai, Dean gets a bit more background on the production from Marie. He discovers the peppy writer/director’s “transformative” take on ‘Supernatural,’ attempting to combat it with the real story, information she deems as “terrible fan fiction.” Despite the brothers’ feelings on the play (and the “subtext” of it all) they are ready to call it quits until Maggie, the student playing Sam, disappears after threatening the production by going to Principal Salazar, just like Ms. Chandler. Other than a single flower found at both abduction sites, they have zero clues. When Marie describes the scarecrow from the show/books as what took Maggie, the foursome hypothesize it as a tulpa; monsters created by intense focused energy. If you kill the symbol, you kill the tulpa. Dean visits the terrifying tulpa (not really) with Marie and burn it. But it does no good; it’s not a tulpa but Calliope, the goddess of epic poetry. The borage (or starflower) gave her away. She manifests creates from stories she’s tuned into, using them to inspire the author and protect said author’s vision until it’s realized. Then she chows down on the author. They have to bring Marie’s vision of ‘Supernatural’ to life and gank the poetic goddess once she shows.

Dean says goodbye to Marie

Knowing what’s at stake, Marie’s freaking out just a bit (who could blame her). Dean uses his connection with her to believe in her vision “with all you’ve got.” “If Sam and Dean were real,” she says, “they’d never back down from a fight.” She’s ready to fight and, before the curtain falls, Dean gives a rousing speech to the cast, encouraging them to “kick it in the ass”. When the curtain rises and it begins, the scarecrow appears, taking Sam into its den. Or the auditorium basement, in the same room as Maggie and Ms. Chandler. Calliope appears and explains how the ‘Supernatural’ story has it all. “Life. Death. Resurrection. Redemption. But above all, Family.” As Dean battles the scarecrow, there to take Marie, Sam (with some timely aid from Maggie and Ms. Chandler) take Calliope down. And when the scarecrow explodes in a shower of purple ectoplasm, the crowd gives them a standing ovation.

As the curtain raises on the third act, Marie gives Dean the Samulet and the bromoment scene, “just the two of us against the world.” They are back in track, reminded of those they lost and the fact that they have each other to the tune of ‘Carry on My Wayward Son’.

Oh, and Carver shows up.

How’s that for a poignant ending.

A History of [The ‘Supernatural’] World

  • Subtext, revisits, and reminders. Though silly and lighthearted on many levels, “Fan Fiction” pays homage to 200 episodes of saving people, killing things and what it means to be family. If someone tuned into Supernatural for the first time, they’d be privy to a good time but only true fans of the series will get the full experience of this episode.
  • It’s been nearly five years but, for a few precious seconds, Carver Edlund makes his long awaited return. Does it mean anything for the future of the ‘Supernatural’ world or was his cameo just that, a look back on the past? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…