As the release of Disney/ Marvel’s summer hit ‘Guardians of the Galaxy” approaches, the studio is building anticipation by releasing snippets of bonus material onto the internet. In the clip below, director James Gunn discusses how the opening scene sets the stage and tone for the film to follow:

In the below post by James Gunn, he shows off some 8-bit animation done for the Blu-Ray and some of his thoughts on why he was excited to be given the project, and the creative freedom he had with the look of the film. In his words:

“I do think of dealing with Guardians of the Galaxy as being on untrammeled snow, and the first thing that excited me about Guardians before any story elements or anything else was actually creating the visual look. And the very first thing I did was I sat down and wrote a nineteen-page document that was called ‘The Look of Guardians of the Galaxy.”

In the final bonus feature released, Chris Pratt gives us a tour of the ‘Xander’ crash site, describing it as:
“…super intense and dirty and smoky…There’s a fire there…But don’t worry! We’ve got firemen here, which has been a real treat for all the ladies.”
He also shows off his dance moves as he shoots scenes for what some describe as the epic dance battle that leads into the climax of the film.

Based on what we see here, the bonus material might be about as fun and inventive as the film itself, which Disney is most likely hoping will become a major stocking stuffer this coming holiday season. Look for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ coming to Blu-Ray and DVD on December 9th!

Source:,, EOnline