It’s a big weekend for genre fans as there are 3 movies dropping in theaters today that deal in one way or another with the world of science and sci-fi. Besides the two obvious big hitters, ‘Interstellar’ and ‘Big Hero 6,’ a small independent film seems to be making its way into the hearts of movie goers.

The Theory of Everything’ is based on the novel by Jane Wilde Hawking and chronicles the story of reknown scientist Stephen Hawking as he meets his soon to be wife Jane while attending Cambridge.  At the age of 21, Hawking is soon dealt with some devastating news and is diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease with a prognosis of just a couple years to live. With Jane by his side as wife, caretaker and biggest supporter, Hawking begins his most ambitious work ever: to study and gain the very thing that has now become a precious commodity, time.  Together the two defy the odds and achieve more than either of them could ever imagine.

The film has a mixture of scientific discoveries embraced in a love story and the four clips we have from ‘The Theory of Everything’ shows just that.

In the first clip, Hawking discusses his thesis with a panel of university professors and shows the genius of his mind by making a simple yet profound point:  “What if there was a simple eloquent equation to explain everything?”

The second clip has Hawking discussing the origins of the universe with his sweetheart Jane. What starts off as an intellectual endeavor ends up become a sweet moment near the river bank:

Even at a party, Hawking’s mind is always working as seen in this clip

While the film manages to mix science and romance, the most poignant piece of the film is the relationship between Jane and Stephen as he struggles with his ALS. In this clip, Hawking has just received the diagnosis and urges Jane that what is best is for her to leave him but she shows him that her place is at his side:

As you can see from the clips, ‘The Theory of Everything’ is not your ordinary biopic. It is a rare glimpse into the life of the reknown scientist and the woman who was there from the very beginning. While big budget films may seem like the easy way to spend your money, it’s movies like this that will leave an impression in your heart and mind.

The Theory of Everything’ is in theaters now.