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With the success of Peter Berg (‘The Leftovers‘,’Battleship‘) and Mark Wahlberg (‘Transformers: Age of Extinction‘,’Max Payne’) working together on ‘Lone Survivor,’ it should come as no surprise that Berg would tap the actor to star in his upcoming ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man.’ The film is a movie reboot of the classic 70’s show ‘The Six Million Dollar Man‘ that will be released through Dimension Films. Obviously in this day and age when you can become a millionaire with having a good product idea and getting on ‘Shark Tank,’ we really need to be in the billions for an unbelievable upgrade to humanity.

Ouch. That’ll hurt anyone’s wallet.

So what do we know about the film? Like the television show it will focus on a badly injured former astronaut named Steve Austin. In this version that is clearly who Wahlberg will be playing. He was hurt in an experimental plane crash and doctors saved him by fitting him with bionic replacements for his legs, right arm, and eye. At this point the government of course swoops in to make him a private agent in their secretive “Office of Scientific Intelligence” division.

With production kicking off next year, the Weinsteins are expecting that it will be ready in time for a 2016 release. Bob Weinstein will produce with Berg and Sarah Aubrey. The film will be distributed by Universal Pictures.

Aside from the 70’s television show they can quite likely also make some references to the novel ‘Cyborg’ which was written by Martin Caidin. It wouldn’t surprise me if we weren’t also eluded to some Easter eggs of a character named Jaime Sommers who ended up getting her own spin-off show ‘The Bionic Woman.’

Are you looking to this new take on ‘The Six Billion Dollar Man’? Are you excited to see Wahlberg signing up for the part? Share your thoughts below!

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