Last night’s ABC special ‘Marvel: 75 Years from Pop to Pulp!’ contained a lot of interesting tidbits about the history of the company, an overview of the MCU and how it came to be, and ended with a special look at the upcoming ‘Agent Carter’ series, which included a fun scene featuring Peggy Carter, Howard Stark, and the original Jarvis, Stark’s butler. So while we may not have gotten a new ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ last night, at least we got some entertainment, and an exciting sneak peak. Check out the footage below:

I was most excited and impressed at the inclusion of the character of Jarvis, as up to this point in the MCU audiences only knew of the advanced computer personality used by Tony Stark to basically run his life and co-pilot the Iron Man armor. Now we have some backstory into the name and the person the program was named after, in the form of a loyal british butler who served the Starks for years. Now the computer program can be seen as an homage to a great man who probably raised Tony more than his own father, which works very well for the Stark story.

Also exciting was the idea of Howard Stark’s inventions being stolen and needing to be retrieved, as it opens up a world of possibilities for the weekly outings of the limited series, and could potentially set up some story lines in the future on ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..’ Not to mention the fact that it opens up the idea of seeing more of Howard Stark, who I’ve always thought was an interesting character and was sad that they could only feature him in ‘Captain America.’

The scene ended with another clip, this time of Agent Carter dressed in what could potentially be a wedding dress, beating up some goon in an apartment. I love the subversion on the expectations of the times, as it appears she did most of her asskicking in the scene in a kitchen, which is of course where most men in the 40s-50s would assume a woman to  be in her element. If the show is half as smart as these select scenes are demonstrating, we have a lot to look forward to when ‘Agent Carter’ premieres in ABC in Winter 2015.

Source: CinemaBlend