While ‘Death Of Wolverine: Deadpool & Captain America’ #1 is labeled as a first issue, as you read through it I quite expect this to be a completely stand alone title. In it we’re given a very simple premise: With Wolverine dead, we see that Captain America wants to make sure that no trace of him is left behind for anyone to find a way to resurrect the man who was the best at what he was. While most of the follow up books have been of a more serious nature full or morning, this issue gives us action with a huge level of crazy thanks to everyone’s favorite Merc with the Mouth.

Deadpool and Captain America are an unlikely team up. Gerry Duggan writes them together perfectly. He gives us the serious side of Cap with a little bit of him letting humor shine through while Deadpool is, well, Deadpool. With Beast taking care of anything left over at the Xavier Mansion, it was up to Deadpool and Captain America to eradicate any hair fibers or other remains where Logan bunked down with The Avengers. Of course, Deadpool knows that can’t be the only reason he’s there and it isn’t.

I do have to wonder if this was planned as part of the reason Wade suggests that he join The Avengers when he was recently helping Tony Stark in the second issue of the ongoing AXIS storyline. Working with Captain America, even an old and de-powered Captain America, can surely inspire even the most insane of super powered individuals.

Aside from a single character who I’ll mention in a moment, Scott Kolins knocks it out of the park with an elderly Cap, Deadpool, and the variety of other characters thrown into the mix. The fight scenes are exciting and everything is just a fun visual feast. You’ve got Cap’s scenes just knocking people out while Wade, well, he isn’t being quite as diplomatic opting for guns over fists.

The plan is to recover a knife that has Wolverine’s blood on it. A poorly illustrated Natasha breaks up a rather fun issue to let them know that AIM has paid for the blade and now Steve and Wade are off to the races. Of course, breaking into AIM has it’s own set of fun moments as both of the two men have their time to shine by going undercover.

For as fun as the issue was, we see it come to a close on a more serious note. Wade has a decision to make and it is going to be an important one. So important that he actually takes the time to step back from just going forward headstrong and in a rare moment is introspective about the decision he has ahead of him. Will he make Wolverine proud with his actions or will he end up showing what many believe to be his true colors?


Writer: Gerry Duggan
Artist: Scott Kolins