“A Man’s real possession

is his memory.

In nothing else is he rich,

In nothing else is he poor.”

For those of us waiting for some good news on Nick’s current non-Grimm status, this week’s episode of everyone’s favorite Wesen wrangler will have to hold out just a bit longer. And though we don’t get any real answers, per the ‘Grimm’ way, we are given a few more questions…

Adalind’s about to get an unexpected surprise

It starts off with the mystery blonde watching Renard code step in and save the day, using a two-headed snake to jump start the deceased Captain/Zauerbiest. Turns out, the lovely lady is none other than Renard’s surprisingly youthful mother. Once he’s out of the woods, Renard fills her in on what’s been going on with him, Adalind, the Royals and the fact that she’s now a grandma. Speaking of Adalind, the witchy Hexenbiest has found her way to Vienna with thoughts of seeing her baby for the first time dancing in her head. She’s given an unexpected surprise though when Viktor throws her in a dungeon especially designed to hold Hexenbiests.

But the real action’s still taking place in good old Portland. With Trubel at the point, Nick and Hank are still on the trail of Octo-face in an attempt to figure out his motivations. She maintains contact with the detectives as she ends up following him to a meeting with Captain Kent Vickers. Octo-face identifies himself as Lawrence Anderson and the detectives find out that all three men—Slocombe, Vickers, and Anderson–work at Satellite Defense Technologies. This sounds a bit less like a Wesen territory grab and more like an act of conspiracy, something Nick tells special agent Chavez when she pays him a visit at the station. More on Chavez: she woges in front of Nick, theorizing his Grimm status but, after his lack of response, her theory of Portland’s true Grimm takes a bit of a detour.

As far as Trubel goes, she’s not what one would call super smooth as it relates to tracking the faux-Anderson and it’s no surprise when Octo-head makes her at the meeting at Vickers’ house, trussing her up on the couch, at his mercy.

While Nick, Hank, and Trubel are doing their thing, Monrosalee are putting their heads together trying to find a solution to Nick’s status as a de-powered Grimm. It comes as a bit of a surprise to them when Juliette pays them a visit, requesting that they hold off on finding a cure. It’s a selfish sentiment, with Juliette envisioning her and Nick’s chance to have a normal life. Despite Juliette’s request, Monrosalee understand Nick. He may have lost his Grimm powers but the memories just don’t disappear. He knows and in knowing, he won’t be able to turn away and act as if the Wesen world doesn’t exist.

Even with her hands tied behind her back, Trubel’s, well, a handful

Jumping back to the that world, Octo-head starts back on the unconscious Vickers, extracting more of the top secret information he’d already taken from Anderson and Slocombe. Trubel interrupts the process but, with hands tied behind her back, she’s unable to overpower the Wesen. Curious as to her involvement, Octo-head does his memory sucking thing on her only to get the surprise of his life. Even before Nick and Hank are able to pull him from the unconscious Trubel, her Grimm memories scrambles his brain something fierce and his screams echo through the house. They check on Vickers and Trubel and are relieved when both show that they’re minds are still intact.

Turns out, Octo-head is one Timothy Perkal, wanted in several countries for espionage. His abilities make him the perfect spy, though our fearless heroes are still missing a couple of pieces of the puzzle. And if you’re talking puzzle, Wu’s doing a pretty good job putting things together as it pertains to Wesen, Trubel and his own instincts. When he confronts Nick about Trubel, the former is at a loss, starting on the “it’s complicated” path before blinding pain crumbles the detective and we see the same pain is hitting the captive Adalind in Vienna. Somehow, her spell has connected the two and, for 30 seconds or so, they are seeing things as the other does. When the effect dies down, they are both left with trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

Speaking of what the hell, Special Agent Chavez and a team of thugs kidnaps have a surprisingly easy time kidnapping Trubel.

More Questions…few answers

  • While Octopus-Head’s out of the picture, screaming like a school girl in his cell, we are still left to wonder who he’s working for and, more importantly, what SDT has to do with his employer’s end game.
  • If we’re talking end game, one also has to wonder about Special Agent Chavez. Her curiosity into the Grimm went from idle to possibly treacherous with her abduction of Trubel (an act that, let’s be honest, went far too cleanly considering Trubel’s fighting prowess and instincts). Based on her call, she’s also in league with someone a bit higher on the food chain but, as of now, we only have our own conjectures on whether she’ll ultimately become another baddie Nick and the gang will have to keep an eye on or find themselves on the same side of a bigger war.
  • Welcome to Portland, Elizabeth. In the brief scene where Renard’s mother let her Hexenbiest powers show, we were privy to a bad mamajamma. Not only did she stop time, but using the two-headed snake, resurrected her dear son with the only aftereffects (for now) being a bit of lightheadedness. We know the side Renard’s playing and now that Elizabeth knows Nick has been helping her son, methinks her prodigious powers may be just what the doctor ordered if Nick’s to regain his powers.