Few entities had a bigger year at New York Comic Con than ‘Powers.’ After fourteen years of ups and downs, the comic series from Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming is finally becoming a television show thanks to the PlayStation Network. To celebrate, a few of the key players including Susan Heyward, Noah Taylor, Olesya Rulin, Logan Browning, and Eddie Izzard made the trip from Atlanta, Georgia in order to debut the first trailer for the show and show off some exciting never before seen footage.

Following their crowd-pleasing panel, the executive producers and the cast took some time to talk to the press about ‘Powers’ and we were right there to bring you the scoop on the history making superhero crime drama mash up. First up, we talk to comic book artist/executive producer Michael Avon Oeming. In this interview, he expands on the announcement that the comic book world of ‘Powers’ will play a roll in the show by expanding on which artists have contributed work and in what capacity that work will be used. He also touches on his feelings about the show finally coming to fruition, the brand new #1 for the comic series, and carrying the recent influx of diversity in the comic industry into Hollywood with their cast. You can hear everything Oeming has to say in the video below:

Are you excited to see ‘Powers’ on the PlayStation Network in the near future? What do you think of the series incorporating the artwork of Michael Avon Oeming and other fan favorite comic artists in a number of different ways? And what other artists do you hope will be tapped for some sketches, covers, or whatever else is needed on the show? Let us know in the comments.