In 2015, DC Entertainment is doing a huge shake up to its Vertigo Comics imprint and will be rebranding the entire line. Vertigo was initially created in 1993 by editor Karen Berger and in 2010 had become DC’s creator-owned comic line that tends to focus on more mature comics than what you would find in their major super hero lineup. With over 21-years of acclaimed and award-winning comics under its belt, one might ask why they would be changing a winning formula that has launched famous titles such as: ‘Sandman,’ ‘Fables,’ ‘Astro City,’ ‘Preacher,’ Y: The Last Man,‘ ‘Transmetropolitan,’ and ‘100 Bullets.’ Not only that but they are known for a variety of books which have ended up as films such as ‘Hellblazer,’ ‘A History of Violence,’ ‘Stardust,’ and ‘V for Vendetta.’

So why are they changing?

Well, with DC Entertainment moving all of its comic-book operations to the west coast to work better in conjunction with its other operations that are already in California, it seems like a good time to shake things up.

According to DC co-publisher Jim Lee:

“If you look at what we’re going to do in 2015 (which I’m not at liberty to discuss at this moment), possibly first quarter next year, you’ll see that we’re going through a major effort to rebrand the imprint. That’s going to come about through the projects themselves. We’re working on a hit list of the top creators in the business and we have some exciting news to unveil in the early part of 2015.”

Sounds like their trying to bring in some fresh blood and properties. While not at all even hinted at in the announcement, it wouldn’t be surprising if DC is trying to bring in what could also end up on the big or small screen seeing how successful they’ve been in television as of late and their big push to match Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Sounds like we’re going to be a ton of new ideas coming out soon. To further my theory of television and movies being a focus, Lee also stated:

“We work very closely with Geoff Johns and his group to maximize the impact of these projects, not just through publishing, but beyond through the Warner Bros. family. That’s been a part of our strategy. Stay tuned to 2015; there’s a lot of amazing things in the works.”

Sounds like we’ll be getting more to watch out of this as well as read. That’s something which no one should complain about!

Are you looking forward to hearing more about the projects that will be coming out of Vertigo and who will be attached to them? Do you think this is hinting at more movies and television shows in the future? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Blastr