Maxi Glamour is dead. Long live queen Maddelynn Hatter.

The Boulets are stuck cleaning up after the party ritual we’ve seen over the last few episodes. I now understand why Israel has lasted in their employ—he keeps his mouth shut. The other helper doesn’t, and ends up in the trash with the Dixie cups. “Do you think this is clean!?” is a rhetorical question, honey.

Back in the boudoir, no one is talking about Maxi, as they’re assumed dead by all but Evah Destruction. Besides, Maddelynn’s state of mind is the hot topic. How’s she coping after her outburst? Very well, turns out, and the group is genuinely happy to see her. At this moment, hers is another story of redemption that Dragula is so good at delivering (see Abhora in Season 2).

The floor show for this week is Trash Queen Couture. What does this mean? The competitors will only use permanent markers and construction paper for makeup, and fabrics made from literal garbage. On top of that, they’ll have to be on their toes for a surprise “fashion correspondent.”

This challenge, which will prove to be the most difficult deliberation in Dragula history, is one that Priscilla Chambers feels deep in her evil heart. Hailing from Asheville, NC, she’s come to know “trash” as pejorative. Having dealt with substance abuse and a homeless stint, she’s ready to turn trash into a positive.

Unfortunately, Priscilla’s story is interrupted by Hollow Eve, whose marker job elicits laughter from most in the room. Both Priscilla and Maddelynn are openly annoyed by this. Hollow doesn’t realize they’ve interrupted a moment. Priscilla’s never talked about her past in public, so it’s a raw moment. She reaches a boil before storming out of the room. Hollow tries to follow, but retreats because there’s no “space” for her backstage.

Dollya states in this episode that Hollow talks down to their peers. I think this is why they’ve rubbed me the wrong way. Perhaps the Boulets should’ve recruited other nonbinary drag artists, so the audience could experience this representation through different personalities? As it stands, Hollow has become a villain due to their penchant for lumping other queer contestants in with the unsupportive. When judged, Hollow rebukes critique as an attack on her concept of female representation (“I don’t give a fuck who doesn’t get it”). The lower half of their look is nothing but fishnets, which doesn’t meet the torso’s maxi-pad and tampon aesthetic, so they end up in the bottom.

Regardless, Hollow and the others apologize for ruining Priscilla’s moment. Priscilla talks further about her addictions, stating that she was “heavily addicted” when the call came for Dragula. Everyone returns to making trash into ugly beautiful statements. Louisianna defines hers as, “if Divine fucked Lana Del Rey.” And oh my god someone has a rat face prosthetic (Dollya, but it took me a minute).

I’m going to say this right now—these trash looks are the best of the season thus far. I’m not often gagged, but I certainly was for this floor show.

The Boulet Brothers are out in a PVC plus cockroach scheme (foreshadowing). They introduce guest judges Biqtch Puddin’ (season one) and Sleepaway Camp star, Felissa Rose. Our special fashion correspondent is indeed special—Disasterina! This one has to be experienced. My words can’t do her justice. I’ll just say that Priscilla gives her a run for her money, while Evah does the opposite.

As I said, the floor show astounds. Priscilla is almost indescribable. I wanted to look away from the taxidermied opossum head stitched into her front, but the trash bag construction drew my eyes to her. True to its John Waters inspiration, Louisianna’s “neon demon” had me close to vomiting (as intended). Really—just watch this episode, as almost everyone delivers big. Even if you’ve never seen the show, try this episode out. It’s absolutely disgusting.

Priscilla justifiably wins, and luckily sits out the surprise activity that includes both tops and bottoms. Only Hollow and Evah are up for execution, but all are horrified to discover that Roach Tube Race is the challenge. What’s this? Oh, just a tube with a roach in the middle, a queen on each side. They have to blow the bug until it flies into the other’s mouth. Thanks, I hate it.

The eaters of roach are: Dollya (via Louisianna), Maddelynn (via Landon), and Hollow. Which means Evah stays, and Hollow is suffocated with a trash bag. RIP.

An excellent episode that embodies every word the theme speaks of. Horror. Filth! Glamour. How can they top this one?


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