Fresh off his work on ‘Fury,’ David Ayers now faces the pressure of following DC’s ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ on the slate of DC/WB films coming out in the next few years. Fortunately, he’s found a project that he seems particularly interested in, with a great pitch for the project:

“I can say that it’s a Dirty Dozen with supervillains. Then I can ask the question, ‘Does a movie really need good guys?’”

In the next quote, Ayers talks about his ambition for such a project, and how his most recent film helped put him in the right mindset for such a venture:

“Fury whetted my appetite for a bigger canvas and this idea of world creation. You can do amazing things as a filmmaker if you have the proper tools, and those are time and money.”

Traditionally, the ‘Suicide Squad‘ has been comprised of villains working for the US government (usually for a character named Amanda Waller) hoping to commute their sentences by going on dangerous missions. Ayers will keep that tradition going, and with DC’s backing and potentially with such stars as Will Smith, Tom Hardy and Margot Robbie rumored to be involved with the project, ‘Suicide Squad’ might be the dark villain franchise of DC’s dreams.

For fans of the comic series, the only news we have as far as which characters there will be was a cryptic confirmation from Ayers that Captain Boomerang would be involved. It was during a question about how he would cast the Australian racist, with Ayers answering “Like one would cast any other role. I don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m going to do what I do in my typical fever dream of directing.” For comic fans, its always great to see a studio find a director for a project like this who understands the medium, and the fan fervor. As the quote below demonstrates, they’ve done extremely well with hiring Ayers:

“I love the passion [comic-book fans] have for these characters and these worlds. I think there’s something incredible about the comic genre and technology has finally caught up with pen and ink to render these fantastic worlds in a way that feels believable and visceral to audiences. It’s a secular religion in that regards. The mythology that these characters represent – the idea of them as fallen gods on Earth – is intriguing to me. I can’t wait to start exploring those corridors.”

Look for ‘Suicide Squad’ to hit theaters on August 5, 2016.

Source: TheHollywoodReporter