‘Knight Rider’ fans prepare to have your socks knocked off…. or at least to have them tugged gently upon. In order to promote their new “Smart Home,” Samsung has recently launched an extended TV Spot starring a flummoxed David Hasselhoff, who is tormented by his jealous ex-automobile partner KITT (with what sounds like William Daniels returning to voice the car) throughout the ad. It seems KITT is decidedly unhappy about Hasselhoff’s praise of the new technology in his life, and is trying to sabotage the commercial. Check it out below:

While it is a clever tie in to show the original “smart car” adjusting to his new residential “Smart Home” sibling, Samsung has also thrown a monkey wrench into fan expectations by including a new driver within the car, presumably recruited by KITT to make Hasselhoff jealous. Check out the image below, which occurs at about the 1 minute 36 second mark:

No, it is not just you, the man inside the car does bear a remarkable resemblance to ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Parks and Rec’ vet Chris Pratt. With the announcement of a new ‘Knight Rider’ movie last year and the almost 6-month-old rumors about Pratt and Danny McBride being approached to star in the reboot, the whole situation seems somewhat bizarre.

While doubtful that it is actually the burgeoning A-Lister, it seems apparent that Samsung went out of their way to cast a look-a-like. Could it be they are throwing fuel on the fire of the months old rumor about Pratt being cast in the new ‘Knight Rider’ movie? Is it just a fun joke thrown into the spot by the Samsung marketing team to appeal to those who remember the casting rumors? Could it actually be a veiled confirmation of the actor actually being cast? Is there a chance the whole thing is one huge coincidence?

Only time will tell.

Source: Cinema Blend