While ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ has become Marvel’s darling in the United States surprising fans of the company, it isn’t meeting the same reaction in China even though it just opened to a very profitable weekend. Why so much dislike for one of Marvel’s funniest and most action packed franchises to date? Well, it seems that our team of unlikely heroes aren’t really getting their point across due to some really poor translation issues.

It seems critics and audiences have had to deal with quite a few issues in the subtitles on the film. Apparently there were well over 80 translation mistakes! A major issue that one of the writers pointed out was that “Aside from a lot of mistranslations, the subtitles failed to show the original feel of the movie, such as jokes, puns and homophones. We cannot help but doubt the professionalism of the translator.”


Disney/Marvel, what gives? Well, apparently for this 90 minute fest for the eyes and ears you decided to go with the company called HuaXia to work on the translation. They appear to be a major player in the Chinese translation market but let’s take a look at the title alone which was butchered as they renamed the film to ‘Interplanetary Unusual Attacking Team.’

The writing was on the wall even without the title translation issues which should have been a huge warning sign. It would appear that this is the same company that distributed and translated ‘Pacific Rim’ which had the same subtitle complaints.

Hopefully a new cut will be released with proper translations as ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ deserves proper justice done. Without it, the world will just have a little less pelvic sorcery and that is just a shame for everyone.

I’m sure many genre fans have suffered from translations issues on imports in the past. What is your take on the matter? Would you rewatch a film if proper subtitles were released or is once enough?

Source: Cinema Blend