The “Throne of Atlantis” crossover begun in Justice League #15, continues here, with Aquaman rescuing Commissioner Gordon and Detective Harvey Bullock after Gotham is deluged by a massive tsunami, as part of the Atlantean Acts of War.  Mera pushes her power to the limit and Gotham fares better than Metropolis or Boston, the other two cities attacked by Aquaman’s brother, Atlantis’ ruler Orm (otherwise known as Ocean Master).  Aquaman and Batman have a lengthy discussion about the Atlanteans.  Communicating is something these heroes haven’t really done up to this point, so there is a lot to talk about.  Elsewhere Ocean Master emerges, but the heroes confront him.  Which side will Aquaman ultimately take?  Is he more human or Atlantean?

This issue further develops the “Throne of Atlantis” tale and since Geoff Johns is writing both involved series, the transition is seamless.  Just as he deftly handled Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen in part one of this story, he expertly pens Commissioner Gordon and Harvey Bullock in this one.  Once more, Aquaman’s supporting cast, Vulko, Mera and Orm are also well depicted and nicely integrated into the larger story.  (Eventually, Mera should be joining the Justice League.)  I especially like Orm’s misconception about the state of affairs in the surface world.

The art by Paul Pelletier is strong.  It’s not Ivan Reis good, but hardly anything is and that’s certainly not an insult.  The shot of Vulko, in a panic, slugging the Man of Steel really delivered on energy and dynamics.  (This also continues to demonstrate just how strong Atlanteans are.)  The same for the large panel of Mera pushing her powers.  Really solid stuff!

Aquaman has been consistently great from the start.  Justice League hasn’t.  But by bringing them both together, JL is looking stronger than it has up til now.  Aquaman… just continues being great.


Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Paul Pelletier and Art Thibert with Karl Kesel
Cover by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira and Rod Reis