Volition Studios has announced that their upcoming ‘Saints Row IV’ DLC expansion entitled ‘Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell’ and ‘Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Edition’ will be releasing a week earlier than expected.

Announced via trailer, the expansion will be released one week ahead of schedule on January 20, 2015 and will be included with the HD re-release of ‘Saints Row IV,’ entitled the ‘Re-Elected’ edition for $49.99. Those who pre-order the package will receive the Devil’s Workshop and Plague of Frogs DLC packs for the two games. However, those who just want ‘Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell’ can buy it as a stand-alone game on PS3 and Xbox 360 for $19.99 or download it via digital stores.

The new trailer for the ‘Gat Out of Hell’ expansion itself shows off some of the crazy over-the-top gameplay that the open-world  franchise is typically known for. Highlighting its Seven Deadly Sins weapons, havoc ensues with Johnny Gat demonstrating the power of each. Some of the weapons range from being a fiery demonic sword to a literal recliner chair with mini gun turrets attached the sides that players can relax in while mowing down waves of demons.

For those unaware of the newest expansion to the super-powered presidential zaniness of ‘Saints Row IV,’ ‘Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell’ is an all-new story that stars series side-character Johnny Gat as he and the Saints try to search for their after he has been kidnapped by none other than Satan himself. Their journey takes them to the depths of Hell where Gat must fight his way through hordes of demons and even reunite with deceased Saints and enemies of the past.

Unlike game progression in previous entries in the series, players advance through ‘Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell’ by completing activities meant to fill up a meter called “Satan’s Wrath.” Once the gauge fills up, more story and cut-scenes will follow. The expansion can also be played cooperatively with another player taking on the role of Kinzie Kensington, another member of the Saints.

‘Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell’ will release on January 20, 2015 for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. Saints Row IV: Re-Elected Edition’ will release on the same day for PS4 and Xbox One.