It seems that both the Alien and Predator franchises are climbing their way back to popularity, especially in the video game industry. For the past decade, the Aliens Vs. Predator video game series has brought the two infamous predatory races together several times, putting players in the shoes of the Xenomorphs, a Predator, or an unlucky marine in a fight to the death.

Fox Digital Entertainment and Angry Mob Games, the studio behind Muffin Knight and the Predators mobile game, are bringing the never-ending battle to the Android and iOS marketplaces with Aliens Vs. Predator: Evolution.

Once again set on a distant planet far into the future, a civil war between Predator clans threatens the species. Elite warriors known as the Super Predators decide to end the battle once and for all by unleashing the Xenomorph race on their enemies. Players will take control as either a Xenomorph or Predator, each with their own storyline and unique gameplay styles. The Xenomorph’s ultimate goal is to destroy the predators and free their species, while playing as a Jungle Hunter Predator pits you against the Alien Queen in order to save your clan from annihilation.

AVP: Evolution runs on Angry Mob’s Unity engine, which has proven to be an impressive system on mobile devices. Instead of trying to recreate the first-person-shooter mechanics of previous titles in the series, the game will be played in a third-person perspective as players explore several different locations, such as Marine HQ and the Alien Hive. As you progress through the various levels, you’ll gain experience points that can be used for constant character progression, allowing for new skills and abilities to be unlocked. However, evolution is a main theme of the game, and players will start off as a very inexperienced version of their chosen race. For example, playing as a Xenomorph doesn’t allow you immediately start spitting acid blood and tearing apart your foes limb by limb; instead, you begin your journey as a Facehugger, evolve into a Chestburster, and finally an adult alien.

There haven’t been any other details released about release date or price, but check out the trailer and screenshots below.