Once again we are verging on some heavy spoiler territory with these set pics from ‘Game of Thrones‘. Only, for a nice change it isn’t the pictures themselves that are doing the spoiling but some information on what Jaime Lannister might be doing in the upcoming season. Specifically a scene that he’ll be popping up in that hasn’t occurred in the books at all!

Prior to the spoiler filled news about Jamie, let’s take a look at the photos from the set!

First up is a shot of Myrcella:

Secondly we have a shot of Trystane:

Next we have two pictures of Hotah:

Finally we have a shot of what look to be soldiers or guards:

I’m sure that it is quite unsurprising to everyone as we see that the wardrobe is looking great and seems to be lifted right out of the pages of the novels.

Speaking of out of the novels, I did mention that Lannister was up to something new. Is this a prelude of something to come or a completely original scene for the show? I’ll let you be the judge but according to Los Siete Reinosit would appear that Jamie is going to be setting foot in Dorne with Jerome Flynn’s Bronn. This didn’t occur at all in George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire‘ novels. However, it would appear that Coster-Waldau as well as Flynn were seen in Portstewart Strand in Northern Ireland for quite a few days. Not only that, but the two were wearing Dornish styled clothing. Unless that is a new fashion trend in Ireland ,my money is on an appearance here.

From what was reported, the scene will have Jaime and Bronn arrive in Dorne and they end up seeing Myrcella and Prince Trystane getting rather close to one another. Jaime and Trystane appear to attempt to be corgial but it ends up with the two arguing and the young Prince drawing his sword. Bronn doesn’t take too kindly to that and knocks Trystane unconcious. Then three Sand Snakes appear which ignites another fight until Areo Hotah breaks is up.

How will this fight look? Well funny you should ask as the following video has Coster-Waldau apparently practicing for just this fight scene.

I can’t wait to see it actually playing out with the actors in full gear!

What do you think about the changes to the script by adding Lannister in Dorne? Are you looking forward to seeing how it plays out on the small screen?

Source: Blastr