It was recently noted that Marvel and Sony were in talks about possibly finding a way to tie Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and now rumors are popping up that Sony is going to use the upcoming ‘Sinister Six‘ film to do a soft reboot of the series to do just that. Yes, only 2 movies in with ‘Sinister Six’ being the third and it sounds like Andrew Garfield’s take on The Amazing Spider-Man might already be coming to an end.

As ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘ only took in $203 million at the box office and has met with the worst critical reception for any of the Spidey films to date, Sony executives appear to be unsure what to do with everyone’s favorite webhead. The current rumor places the planned 2016 release of the ‘Sinister Six’ to bring in a new actor as Spider-Man and actually have him team up with the villains against an even greater threat to New York. Could this threat be the invasion that we had seen in ‘The Avengers’ or something else entirely? At least, unlike the Fox studios , Sony is willing to work with Marvel.

Maybe this could be a way to add him into the mix for when The Avengers end up fighting Thanos.

If this proves true, the second part of the rumor actually has a solo Spider-Man film released in four to five years. This will give Sony time to figure out what to do with the side characters to see if they can establish their own cinematic universe. This actually lines up with a previous announcement that had the third film set to 2018 so I’m not sure how that plays into things.

The third part of the rumor has the Alex Kurtzman directed ‘Venom‘ film now dead in the water. Killing off the fan-favorite Spider-Man-like side project sounds like a great idea to not help keep the franchise treading water while they bring back Spidey himself.

With all of the back and forth here it is hard to tell if the idea of rebooting Spider-Man is a ploy by Sony to somehow re-establish the character once again or if this is an idea that Marvel has brought up in how they can combine their universes into a giant shared one.

What do you think about Sony rebooting Spider-Man, again? Would you prefer that Sony and Marvel found a way to combine the cinematic universes or should Marvel just leave things alone while Sony wastes money by not being able to properly make its own cinematic universe? What are your thoughts on the latest rumors True Believers?

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