With the Nova Corps having been introduced in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ there was a glimmer of hope that Richard Rider, the Nova from Earth, may show up in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2.’ Director James Gunn has decided to smash those hopes into little pieces. Thankfully, though, he isn’t ruling out there being an introduction to our favorite Nova down the line, we just shouldn’t expect to see him in the next phase of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.

Gunn was asked about the character not in an interview but actually on Facebook and was kind enough to respond. This is what he had to say:

“I don’t want Nova right now because I think Quill being the only earthling is important. That serves the entire movie going audience and not just the handful of Nova fans. Sorry if that upsets you”

I am upset! That being the case, I do get it. It’s important that Quill is still mostly alone, species wise, in this tale and we haven’t really seen anyone else from Earth making it beyond the solar system quite yet. That being said, he also followed up with this a very positive tidbit:

“I have nothing against Nova in future movies, but it doesn’t serve the movie right this moment.”

This actually makes a lot of sense in a way as the Nova Corps don’t yet appear to have the power levels that Richard Rider would one day inherit. In fact, in the comics we aren’t introduced to Rider until after Xandar is destroyed and Rhomann Dey (who is played by John C. Reilly) ends up giving his power to him to replace him. With Xandar currently being the home of one of the Infinity Gems, it could be quite feasible that the planet feels they need to develop superior technology to protect it. We could also see Thanos end up destroying the planet to get the stone which kicks off a chain of events that introduces us to Rider who, at one point, Peter Quill takes under his wing and briefly tries to mentor him.

We’ll see how it plays out as that is just speculation.

What are your thoughts on delaying an introduction to Rider as Nova? Do you think it makes sense to hold it off for now or would you want to see him introduced sooner? Share your thoughts below true believers!

Source: Movie Web