While the cast and crew is keeping quiet on if we are going to see ‘The Tick‘ return on Amazon, lead actor Patrick Warburton shared a few tidbits on what we might end up seeing if the show does resurface. With the series having been cancelled in 2002 after only 9 episodes, one might wonder how its reception will be this time around? Well, with comic book heroes being such a hot commodity right now, it would be the perfect time to bring ‘The Tick’ back and make it look even better than ever!

In an interview with Movie Web, Warburton couldn’t share any specific details and the way he phrased his answers, it really sounded like it is because the studio was telling him to keep his mouth shut about their upcoming project:

“I’m really not at liberty to discuss anything in regards to The Tick right now. I will say, isn’t it ironic that Captain Liberty’s friend isn’t at liberty? Are there discussions? I would say things look very interesting and positive. I love The Tick. I’d love to do it again. I never would have thought I’d have the opportunity to do this again. I think it would be a blast to do it again. We’ll see what happens. One thing about The Tick, he is an insane character. I guess he doesn’t have to be 29 years-old like Thor, I guess. He’ll be 50 battling evil. I’d love to see what Ben Edlund’s new vision for it is. I think it will be different. Perhaps a little darker and a little edgier. We’ll see what happens.”

I do like the sound that this revival will be both a little darker and edgier as long as this new vision means the series will be following the actual comic and not going ‘Batman Begins’ dark. The Tick might be the hero that we need and deserve but not if he’s going to change what we love about him.

While he’d love to return to the character, there is one aspect that Warburton is not looking forward to:

I’d love to do it. It was the most fun I ever had. Except wearing the suit. When you put on a suit, and you need two tubes of K-Y Jelly to assist in putting on the suit, and then you basically spend the next 12 hours in a soup of sweat and K-Y jelly, its a side of it…That’s not the most fun. There have been characters throughout the years, from Star Trek to The Walking Dead, and its not fun wearing that thing.

Apparently the suit still exists to! Though, it’s location is a highly guarded secret.

That suit is in a crate, in one of the largest warehouses in Washington D.C. Its placed right next to the Ark of the Covenant. I’m not sure why it got such a special locker situation. I guess the Government sees it that way.

Thankfully with the advance of modern technology as well as following the comics, he might not have to hait on the outfit quite as much as he used to. Also, the entire show would probably look a lot better overall just with what studios can make on a lower budget.

“There were probably five different Tick costumes for the original series. I would assume there would be a new design. Let’s say hypothetically that The Tick, we’re going to attack it again. It would be all-new. It would be a new conception. There are so many advantages to the creatives today, that there weren’t 12 years ago. As far as doing things, and creating a whole new world for The Tick. It would have been too costly and hard to do 12 years ago.”

Now, anyone who is a fan of the comic or show knows that it is one that deserves another go. Was Warburton surprised at all about the possibility of the show’s return or that so many people wanted more battle-cries of ‘Spoon!’?

“I remember a couple of years ago, Entertainment Weekly still referred to The Tick as one of the top five prematurely canceled shows of all-time. And there was a page a couple months ago that said, “TV shows we want more of.” And The Tick was mentioned as one of those. I would hazard to say that it was one of the only shows mentioned out of all 25 shows that had only eight or nine episodes. But it’s great. We live now, the way the world of entertainment has evolved, there are all these different channels and avenues to find things. You can’t hide, bury or kill something like Fox did 12 years ago. If its good and its entertaining, people will see it. I would never argue that The Tick we created was perfect by any means. You have to find a show like that. I think it is a testament to Ben Edlund, and Barry Sonnenfeld and Larry Charles. Everyone who was involved back then, in trying to find the show in only 8 or 9 episodes. Or the limited means that we wouldn’t have to deal with today, to make something that was lasting or enjoyable. Once again, it was not perfect. But apparently it did have a modicum of charm and charisma for it to be where it is today. I don’t know what is happening, but I would love to have something where we are really given a shot to make the show that we want to make. I think Ben’s newest vision and truest vision for the show is a darker edgier spin.”

He clearly loves the comics with how much he knows about them as well as the character itself. How much did he love it? Well, that’s where things might get a little creepy…

“If you pushed its belly button it would say things like ‘Icky to infinity.’ “Good Gravy!’ I sleep with mine every night. It’s like sleeping with a mini-me…No, he’s up in the closet next to that creepy ventriloquist doll from that movie. It’s funny, but I do have one. And it is odd because it does have my face on it. I have Brock Samson dolls. Joe Swanson…Other characters, all kinds of neat things. But that plushy doll that talks is definitely a little…Its fun and its creepy. My nightmare is that I would push its belly button one time, and it wouldn’t say, “Good Gravy!” or, “I am the Tick!” Or one of the other key phrases that are programmed into it. I would push the belly and it would look at me, and it would say something really…You know, like, “What are we doing here today, Patrick? Don’t you have something better to do? Why did you drop me on the floor? Why are you starring at me like that?” And then I would lose my mind. Its like an episode of The Twilight Zone. That could be fun. We’ve just discovered my next College Humor video. Me talking to my Tick doll.”

Funny? Sure! Creepy? Just a little. Patrick, it’s not normal to sleep with a doll of yourself. I’m just saying man. Though I guess anyone who is going to be playing such a fun psychopath might need a little internal crazy to really get into the role.

Are you looking forward to a return to ‘The Tick’ as much as I am? Do you think we’re going to be in for a show that really lets the character shine this time around? Share your thoughts below!