The above image of part of the Batmobile was the first glimpse fans had from the in-production Zack Snyder-directed ‘Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice’.  But since the film is currently filming in the Detroit area, spectators have been snapping pics and posting them online on sites like Instagram and Twitter.  A few weeks ago, images of Henry Cavill in a slightly modified Superman costume surfaced, indicating that we’d be getting a brighter uniform than the on in ‘Man of Steel’.

Now, images of the Batmobile have hit the internet.  Unfortunately, they were shot at night so the color is slightly washed out, but even so you make out a lot of the intricate details.

As you can see, it has a heavy, chunky, militaristic appearance very similar to the Tumbler in Christopher Nolan’s movies.  A far cry from the sleek, stylized takes from the 80s-90s films.  There are clearly a lot of moving parts and what look to be guns mounted on the front.  I’m not positive about that, because as we all know, Batman doesn’t use guns.  Maybe it’s some other kind of non-lethal weapon.  This a two-seater, so I would expect that Batman to have someone riding along with him at some point, possibly Wonder Woman, if they go old school and take away her flying abilities.

Interestingly, the color does not appear to be black.  That could be due to the lighting washing it out or maybe it’s just dirty.  This scene could take place after a major battle.  Or maybe it’s just not black.  Affleck’s Batsuit is said to look more like it does in the comics and there he wears gray and black, so maybe it’s actually gray.

Are you impressed by this new Batmobile?  Or is it overly complicated?

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