If you haven’t been able to get enough of ‘Arrow‘ and can’t wait for the third season, The CW and DC Entertainment are teaming up to bring us season 2.5! While the third season will begin on October 8th, the second season will be greatly expanded beginning next week. Brought to us by writers Marc Guggenheim and Keto Shimizu and illustrated by Joe Bennett and Jack Jadson. ‘Arrow Season 2.5’ is a series that aims to please fans of the show.

According to Guggenheim, “Essentially what we’re doing is we’re telling a story between two sets of episodes. Season three is designed to stand on its own feet without requiring anyone to do any outside reading. But what the comic book will give is a deeper appreciation for some of the moments [in the show] and a more complete narrative experience. If you want to go deeper into the story, that’s what Season 2.5 is for.”

Loved all of those classic scenes from the second season and wanted more? Well now you’ll be getting a much further in depth understanding and appreciation of the series. Who doesn’t want expanded details of a series that they love?

Here’s a brief preview of what to expect from the comic:

We are getting more than just the current story line being expanded upon as we’re going to find out more about the finale as well as get a better lead in to the third season. “If you want to find out what happened to Detective Lance after he collapsed, you’ll want to read the comic. If you want to find out how Roy gets the uniform that plays into the first episode of season three, you’re going to want to read the comic. If you want to know how Vertigo developed … something that plays into our season later … you’re going to want to read the comic.”

Not only that but some of the stories that they wanted to tell they can show us properly now. When taking an idea and putting it on screen the special effects budgets need to be considered. Shimizu mentioned that “we’re able to accomplish things on the page that are nearly impossible to do with our production schedule and our budget” that will include “more spectacular action sequences [and] bigger explosions” throughout the series.

Want to see more of this DC world than just Starling City? She expanded that “We’re doing a Suicide Squad runner throughout the series, one or two pages each issue, that will lead to its own episode later in the run. In that situation, we’re able to go to places we’ve not visited in the show — to the fictional DC Comics country of Khandaq, which we could never re-create in Vancouver.”

Can you not get enough of ‘Arrow’ and need to see more? Share your thoughts on the series below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter