We already knew that Fox was interesting in doing a ‘Minority Report themed television show and it appears that early news saying it was a reboot was wrong as the series is actually going to be a sequel. Yes, fans of the 2002 film from Steven Spielberg and starring Tom Cruise are actually going to be able to see the fallout from the film and what happens to the PreCrime unit in the future, 10 years in the future to be exact. Though, the unit or the majority of the main characters aren’t going to be the focus here.

So what will the series be about? Well, this sequel to the ‘Minority Report’ is actually going to be a focus on one of the three Precogs as he struggles to lead a normal life now that he is no longer part of the PreCrimes unit and being forced to help prevent crimes. Only, he is still haunted by visions of the future and the crimes that could be committed. In the series this male Precog will meet a female detective who is also haunted by her own past and wants to help the Precog find a purpose for his gift. I’m sure she’ll also end up finding a way to use his abilities to help whatever is still there from her past as the season goes on. Assuming that this is one of the science fiction shows Fox does that can last more than a single season.

This change of direction makes it more in the realm of what it sounds like they are doing with ‘Evil Dead‘ instead of being straight up remakes such as ‘The Devil’s Advocate,‘’Scream,‘’Westworld,‘ or ‘12 Monkeys.’ With this change, I am suddenly a lot more interested in the series then I had been nearly three weeks ago when word on the project was initially announced.

At this time it looks like we’ll be seeing it put together from a combination of Amblin Television, Paramount Television, and 20th Century Fox Television. At this time Max Borenstein (‘Godzilla‘,’Seventh Son‘) will both write the script and executive produce on the show. Joining him as executive producers will be Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank from Amblin.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter