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Roland Emmerich and Keanu Reeves have teamed up to bring you back to the Matrix… well, kinda. The director of blockbuster hits like ‘Independence Day’ and ‘2012’ will be one of the executive producers alongside Reeves for a new TV series titled ‘New Angeles.’

‘New Angeles’ is said to be set in the future and is centered on a young man who escapes from his mundane life by entering a virtual reality world called New Angeles. In that world, his life becomes much more exciting when he takes on a new identity and becomes the person he was “destined” to be.  However, it seems that you should be careful what you wish for as in the process of living this wonderful existence, he begins to unlock the keys to a mystery that has consequences in both his virtual and real world lives.

Reeves and Stephen Hamel of Company Films brought the project to Emmerich’s Centropolis  production company who then hired Gregg Hurwitz to write the pilot. Hurwitz is a well-known novelist having written 14 books and has worked on comics for both Marvel and DC. He was also the consulting producer and writer for the short lived ABC series ‘V.’

“Gregg is an incredibly imaginative writer, and I’m looking forward to bringing his ideas for the show to life,” Emmerich said. “It’s exciting to get the opportunity bring a massive project like this to the small screen within a rapidly changing television space.”

No word yet if Reeves will act in the series or which network will air the series and when. All that is known is that a pilot is being put together and that Emmerich will be directing the script by Hurwitz. However, with the genre talent behind Reeves, Emmerich and Hurwitz, this is one show that many will definitely be wanting to escape to.

Source: Deadline