This article contains possible SPOILERS for AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Five.  If you want to avoid spoilers, please turn back now.

In ‘The Walking Dead’ comic book, by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, there was a storyline called ‘Hunt Or Be Hunted,’ which as you can see, is being used as a tagline for the upcoming season.  In that comic book storyline, Rick and the other survivors encounter a suburban group of people that turns out to have turned to cannibalism to survive.  (It is creepily stated that babies and children taste better than adults.)  These cannibals, however, make the mistake of eating part of Dale (who was still alive at that point in the comics) after he’d been bitten by a walker.

Many that have read the comics are wondering if the current ‘Terminus’ storyline on the show is an adaptation of the cannibal story in the comics and pretty much every bit of evidence points to yes.

When Glenn, Maggie and their group arrive at Terminus, Mary (Denice Crosby) says “We’ll make you a plate.”  Not “we’ll fix you a plate,” implying they are going to be turned into food.

When Rick, Michonne, Daryl and Carl sneak in, Gareth says “Well, I bet Albert is on perimeter watch.”  Albert was the name of one of the cannibals in the comic.

There is no comic book version of Gareth.  The leader of the cannibals in the comic is named Chris, but the name switch could just be to throw readers off.

In the final episode of Season Four, Rick uttered the line “They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out.. They’re screwing with the wrong people” which is a clean version of the line “They’ll feel pretty stupid when they find out they’re f—ing with the wrong people” from the comics, from that particular storyline.

When Rick and company are fleeing the Terminus gunners, they run past a cage full of large ribs and bones, possibly also pointing to the cannibal storyline and has anyone else noted that all the Terminus denizens seem to eat is meat?  Also, while they are on the run, we overhear people locked in other train cars begging for help.

On the TV show, Terminus resident Alex states, “The more people become a part of us, we get stronger.”  On the surface, that seems to imply that “there’s safety in numbers” but it’s ambiguous enough that it could mean they eat people for protein and other nutrients.

Also, when the snipers at Terminus open fire on Rick and his crew, they seem to be aiming strictly at their feet, which could imply that they wanted to preserve the rest of them for later, a fact that Michonne picks up on.

So yeah, the citizens of Terminus are people-eaters.

Are you excited to see this storyline brought to live action?  What other elements from the comics would you like to seem integrated onto the show?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter