Until this recent deal, Charles Soule was a part time comic writer who while holding a day job as an attorney who was writing seven ongoing series for three different companies. Now he is sticking with just one company as Soule has just signed an exclusive deal to pen books just for Marvel.

The timing is perfect as this announcement is hot off the presses right after the release of his latest mini-series for Marvel, ‘The Death of Wolverine.’ So what is his current plans over at the House of Ideas? Well, on top of the four issue ‘Death of Wolverine’ run with Steve McNiven he will also be overseeing the main two follow-up projects: ‘The Logan Legacy’ and ‘The Weapon X Program.’

I’m a little torn on the first issue of the ‘Death of Wolverine.’ While on the one hand it was a hell of a lot better than any single issue of the last stand alone ‘Wolverine’ series, it also felt like none of the lessons he learned in it are sticking. Of course, with that series feeling like it wasn’t at all part of the Wolverine we’ve come to know over the past few years, I’m tempted to just pretend it doesn’t exist and we’re taking this loner Wolverine route the proper way.

Still, inconsistencies aside, the writing was splendid and I’ve been enjoying his other work so hope to see him continue on for Marvel for quite some time to come, ideally involved in stories where he can tell a good tale without having it suffer from the last writer.

On top of working off the death of Marvel’s most overused character, Soule will also be continuing his work with ‘Inhuman’ which has been the company’s focus on increasing a group of super humans that aren’t mutants.

What does that mean for his other work? Well for DC he is off of both ‘Swamp Thing’ and ‘Red Lanterns’ with no writing replacement lined up yet. Though, they do have Peter Tomasi taking over his duties on ‘Superman/Wonder Woman.’ His work on ‘Letter 44’ at Oni Press will most likely not be affected by this as it is a creator-owned project and with a TV series in the works. I doubt a contract would come up that he would let interfere with that.

So what do you think of Marvel signing Soule to an exclusive contract?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter