Television studios are huge fans of exorcisms and the devil as of late and NBC plans on getting on the bandwagon with ‘The Possession of Maggie Gill’! While Cinemax is bringing us Robert Kirkman’s (‘The Walking Dead‘) new exorcism themed comic ‘Outcast‘ to the small screen and Lifetime has snagged the rights to Glen Mazzara’s ‘Damien‘ series, we now have this new show that will be hitting NBC. We might want to note that this series is the only one that does not have an ex-‘The Walking Dead’ creator on board.

‘The Possession of Maggie Gill’ will follow the life of the Gills, a middle-class family that live in Eugene, Oregon. If ever there was a place for demonic possession to hit this would probably be the spot! The family falls into paranormal activities that begin to affect every aspect of their life at home. While this is happening there is a slew of murders that are being investigated.

Clearly this won’t be a coincidence.

The two stories will slowly come together as a link between them emerge in 15-year-old Maggie Gill, who is the daughter of the family and quite clearly the main focus of the show.

Casting hasn’t occurred yet but we do know that the series is being done by Amblin Television and will be written and executive produced by John Glenn (‘Eagle Eye’,’The Lazarus Project’). Adam Kane, Darryl Frank and Justin Falvey, and Harris Fishman will also all be on board to help produce.

Personally I love how much horror we’re getting on television these days. I also enjoy that the networks are looking to take on a variety of shows and aren’t just trying to clone ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘American Horror Story‘ as that would be easy enough to attempt.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘The Possession of Maggie Gill’? Do you think from the plot details that we’ve been given that it has a good enough concept behind it to sustain a multi-season series?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter