In this video, he reveals that a scene was cut from the film because it would have messed up the pacing and “slowed the movie down”, but that it was “really touching” and “heartbreaking.”  In the deleted scene, which Bautista assured would be on the DVD/BluRay extras, Drax explains his tattoos, which the actor previously explained the character doesn’t call tattoos, but rather the “story of his life.”

See what Bautista had to say below:

The tattoos have something to do with the possible deaths of his wife and daughter.

Here’s where it gets odd.

I’m pretty sure the movie Drax has a different origin from the comic book Drax.  In the comics, Drax was a human real estate agent named Arthur Douglas who was driving with his wife and daughter, when Thanos’ ship passed overhead.  Thanos destroyed their car to prevent them from reporting his presence on Earth.  However Arthur’s daughter Heather survived and went on to become the Avenger/Defender/Guardian of the Galaxy Moondragon, with her powerful telepathic abilities.  (That’s her to the right.)

Arthur’s soul was then channeled into a new body as Drax the Destroyer, whose soul motivation was to kill Thanos.  This single-minded goal at times made him a hero and at other times brought him into conflict with various Marvel heroes.

Seriously, if you go back and read some of these 70s Marvel cosmic stories, some of them are incredibly dopey.  (Thanos flying a helicopter, anyone?)

At any rate, in the comics, Moondragon was a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, along with her lover Quasar, Phyla-Vell.  But neither was used in the movie.  Eventually, Moondragon actually gained the power to turn into an actual dragon.  She also came to possess one of the Infinity Gems, which seem to be playing a large role in the unfolding Marvel cinematic universe.  Considering her telepathy, hers was fittingly the Mind Gem.

Will she factor into the already announced sequel?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Or with James Gunn and his collaborators come up with a different back story for Arthur Drax?  (Let’s hope.)  One that’s more… alien?  One with a more tragic past, that includes the actual death of his loved ones?

What do you think?

Source: Bleeding Cool