The finale of ‘Once Upon A Time‘ season three teased the Storybrooke arrival of Elsa, the star of Disney’s runaway hit ‘Frozen,‘ now the most successful animated movie of all time.  Over the summer, we learned that joining her would be her sister Anna, Anna’s love interest Kristoff and even reindeer Sven.  Casting news followed as it was announced that Georgina Haig had been cast as the Ice Queen Else, Elizabeth Lail would be playing Anna, Scott Michael Foster is the live-action Kristoff and acting legend John Rhys-Davies would be providing the voice of rock troll king Pabbie.

Elsa once again steals the scene in this new promo for Season Four as she saunters into the town of Storybrooke, leaving an icy wake in her path.  The clip also incorporates existing series regulars Robert Carlyle as Mister Gold/Rumplstiltskin, Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin as Prince Charming and Snow White respectively, Colin O’Donoghue as Captain Hook and Lana Parrilla as Regina/The Evil Queen and Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan.

You can watch the video for yourself below:

Though Elsa is never viewed fully from the front, presumably it is Elizabeth Lail.  Why wouldn’t it be?

Regina utters “Here we go again,” implying there will be some back history that ties Elsa (and probably the other ‘Frozen’ characters) into the old fairy tale world that the Storybrooke inhabitants vacated.

‘Once Upon A Time’ returns very soon, on Sunday September 28 on ABC.  It seems a bit early to celebrate winter, but then again, ‘Frozen’ hasn’t really seemed to have gone away since its theatrical opening.  (But can Elsa please not sing ‘Let It Go’ again?!)

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter