Ever since ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ was cancelled in 2011, Whovians lamented at the chance to see some behind the scenes work and stories that went into making an episode of ‘Doctor Who.’ Now, 3 years later, the BBC has decided to revive the defunct companion show and give it a new name: ‘Doctor Who Extra.’

While ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ was primarily shown only in the UK, the BBC has graciously given the rest of the world a chance to see ‘Doctor Who Extra’ via their YouTube channel. While the name has changed, the theme of the show is essentially the same.

Running 10 minutes long, ‘Doctor Who Extra’ is a wonderful addition to the actual series. According to the BBC release:

“Packed with emotion, great stories and a real sense of ‘access all areas’, Doctor Who Extra is essential viewing for everyone who’s ever watched Doctor Who and wondered what it’s a like to be a part of the team that brings this global phenomena to our screens.”

While it does just that, 10 minutes seems way too short and goes by rather quickly. As someone who loves to see the behind the scenes workings of a show as well as learning about the show’s history, it is well worth watching. Since the show is dealing with Daleks, this week’s entry gives a brief history of the Doctor’s formidable foe  from Classic Who to Nu Who episodes. And, of course, where there’s Daleks, there’s Nicholas Briggs who has been giving the show’s Dalek’s a voice for many years.

So now that ‘Into the Dalek’ is over, check out this week’s ‘Doctor Who Extra’ and in case you missed it, we also have the first ‘Doctor Who Extra’ which follows Peter Capaldi as he tapes his very first episode of the 12th Doctor’s run, ‘Deep Breath.’