Previously in ‘Cyclops’ #3, we saw Cyclops and his father suddenly in a world of hurt as their ship crash landed on an uninhabited alien world. Well, uninhabited aside from some meat eating creatures that happen to call it home. We learned that Corsair isn’t an addict as his son suspected and is in fact using a formula that is keeping him alive, which is quickly running out. The pair have a month left together at this rate and trapped on this uninhabited rock with the younger Summers not having yet learned the skills to survive in the wild – this could be the last month of both of their lives.

Greg Rucka once more carries this amazing coming of age story through with some amazing writing. He not only knows Scott Summers from decades ago but is able to channel him on screen with all of the angst that being a young adult who is now stuck on an amazing adventure out among the stars with his father. It’s science fiction, it’s a coming of age tale, it’s a father and son bonding story, possibly a tale of loss, and with Cyclops in the central role, it is so much more. This continues to be one of my favorite stand alone character titles that are on the market in the Marvel Universe with only ‘Moon Knight’ edging above it.

Not to be left out, I love Carmen Nunez Carnero’s art style for both of the characters as well as the alien landscape they now find themselves trapped in. As much as Rucka’s story keeps you coming back for the human elements, Carnero centers them while out in this alien world that they are now trapped in.

What is fun here is that we are also seeing a different side of Scott. Long has the leader of the X-Men been a man who broods and sits firmly in thought. He may be a man of action but Xavier also taught him how to plan and play the long game. Part of this, though, has left him filled with a rage and a resolve that doesn’t leave much room for true hope or dreaming. He hopes for a better tomorrow for mutants but that is all he holds onto now.

This young Scott Summers isn’t there yet. Not only that, but Corsair is trying to keep his mind open to hope in all situations. There is a lot of talking in this issue and you see the two really bond even more. Scott the thinker and planner comes out in two different scenarios that involve traps. Both of these traps have been created to help keep them alive from wildly different obstacles that are in their path.

I know it is only a matter of time before this mini-series comes to a close and Cyclops rejoins the ‘All-New X-Men,’ but I truly feel it could go on for years in the right set of circumstances. The plot and concept are so solid and well written that I just wish we had more time to stay with it. Being stuck on this planet for awhile could have served for just such an environment to pull it off. Still, if my only complaint is that it isn’t long enough or that I want more, it isn’t really a complaint at all.


Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Carmen Nunez Carnero