Who could have guessed 5 weeks ago that ‘Deadpool‘ would be the major financial success that it has become, at this point having just passed the $700 million mark worldwide. And all this on a movie that 20th Century Fox struggled to make a decision about whether or not to produce, and filmed with a paltry budget of $58 million dollars. With those factors in mind, the movie itself is pretty incredible as there are moments where it honestly feels like they spent way more money than $58 million, with the giant action set-pieces, high-intensity stunts and violence, and seamless special effects showcased throughout the movie. Which, of course, is why so many people have been curious about the special effects of the film, and what was real and what was not, and how they got it all to work together.

Fortunately, a ‘Deadpool’ VFX reel has recently surfaced online, which has shed some light on exactly how many special effects were done for the opening scene in particular, which, if you count flashbacks, is where a good chunk of the movie actually takes place. In the VFX reel below, we learn that most of the city and the freeway surrounding the spectacular opening fight scene are pretty much all CGI, which Ryan Reynolds often shot on green screens with nothing else around him. And the digital stuntmen looked so realistic that I honestly did not realize how often I was watching computer generated bodies fly around as opposed to real stunt men, which is definitely a compliment to the artists creating those scenes. Hell, there’s even a digital shot of Reynold’s pulling up his mask to reveal his mangled face underneath (pictured above), which I completely thought they did on set, and only after watching the VFX reel did I understand that they digitally enhanced Reynold’s face with that mask and his scars for that scene.

All in all, there is some impressive work on the film, so make sure you check out the reel below and let us know your thoughts on the VFX in the comments!

Source: /film