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According to a recent report it sounds like Wesley Snipes could be returning to the big screen for ‘Blade 4.’ In all honestly I’m not sure what to make of this. As neither Snipes or Marvel has commented on it, this is clearly in the rumor department but this could be huge news for the fans of the first two ‘Blade’ movies!

Here is a quick quote from the actual report, “Confidenti@l has learned Wesley Snipes is set to reprise his lead role in “Blade,” the 1998 vampire thriller that made more than $130 million and generated two sequels. Sources close to Snipes tells us the 52-year-old actor’s comeback after being released from prison in April 2013 (after serving two and a half years for tax evasion) is “looking good” and that he’ll make $3 million from this film, plus a cut of the profits.”

This is shortly after Snipes himself that that “I’d be open to it. You know I think we got some stones left unturned and there’s some latitude for us to build on.”

Now here’s the thing: I loved Snipes in the first two ‘Blade’ movies and I’m sure many of you did as well. The problem though is that the first film was a horrible flop and since that time the rights for the franchise have reverted back to Marvel. While I’m sure that with the upcoming ‘Doctor Strange‘ movie paving the way for the dark arts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we could see a future where the reacquired properties of ‘Blade’ and ‘Ghost Rider‘ have room, but to continue a franchise previously created by another company?

That doesn’t sync up if you ask me. First off, the rights reverting probably do not carry over any of the rights to the original trilogy that was released. Now, I could be wrong on that but that would be a deal most likely that would have to be negotiated separately.

I wouldn’t mind seeing this happen but I just don’t think it is in the cards for our favorite vampire killer. Maybe Marvel will prove me wrong, I’d be happy if they did!

Would you like to see Snipes reprise his role as the Daywalker or do you think Marvel should come up with a new route for the character?

Source: Cinema Blend