rian johnson last jedi

With the release of the new ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ trailer (which you can check out below the article, though I’m sure you’ve probably seen it at least once or twice by now), a lot of folks are wondering just how much of the movie has been revealed in the new footage within said trailer. Especially after the director/writer Rian Johnson came out and told fans who wanted to see the film fresh to avoid the trailer entirely. Oddly enough, it has now come to light that Johnson actually had a lot of say in what footage/ scenes could be used in the marketing strategy for the film, and what could be used for the teaser and the new trailer, ensuring that the really big moments would not be spoiled.

According to a recent conversation Johnson had with Yahoo:

“A year ago, maybe even more than that, my producer Ram [Bergman] and I sat down with the folks at Lucasfilm and said, ‘OK, this is what we’re going to reveal here and there, and this stuff we’re never going to reveal until the movie comes out.’ We came up with a ‘no-fly list’ of, under no circumstances is this shown or that shown. It is a fascinating process. It’s something that for me, just having been a fan my whole life, suddenly being behind the curtain and seeing how it works and seeing how deliberate it is, has been really fascinating.”

Personally, I love that we have come to a point in Hollywood where directors are allowed this kind of control, because for years it has been a problem that trailer houses would get their hands on the footage from a film and put EVERYTHING into the trailer, more adamant on making an amazing trailer that on keeping a lid on the big scenes/moments that fans wanted to wait to experience up on the big screen. With directors like Johnson, and previously James Gunn, having a hand in making sure the teasers and trailers are there to promote the film and not give everything away, I feel like we can finally sit back and enjoy these promotional materials without that fear of them ruining the movie anymore (well, there are still plenty out there that do it, but at least big franchise movies are starting to figure it out).

What are your thoughts on ‘The Last Jedi’ trailer and the fact that Johnson actually left out the big moments/ scenes and most of the spoilers? Does it make you excited that the trailer already seems packed with amazing visuals and moments and apparently those are NOT the big moments of the movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below!