The first two ‘Fantastic Four’ movies aren’t horrible, but they are far from beloved by comic book fans.  Too many liberties were taken with Marvel’s First Family, but perhaps the greatest deviation came down to the team’s arch-nemesis, Victor Von Doom, better known as Dr. Doom.  In the comics, the villain is from an Eastern European country, Latveria and actually doesn’t have super powers.  Like Iron Man, he derives his abilities from his armor and sundry weapons.

Well, we already know that the new Josh Trank-directed is going to deviate big time from the comic books.  In fact, it almost sounds like this is just a ‘Fantastic Four’ movie in name only.  Youthful Miles Teller is playing Mister Fantastic.  The usually Caucasian Human Torch is being portrayed by African American actor Michael B. Jordan.  And slim Jaime Bell is playing the normally bulky Ben Grimm.

Well, if you were unhappy with Julian McMahon’s Americanized take on Dr. Doom, you may seriously want to turn back.

Because this is what the villain (played by Toby Kebbell)  looks like in the new movie.  (The guy in the motion-capture suit appears to be standing in for The Human Torch.)

UPDATE: Per request of FOX studios, the image was removed:

Oh that looks like hell.

It actually looks more like Spider-Man villain Swarm:

You know that bad guy whose entire body is made of bees?  Yeah, I didn’t come up with that.

Are they intentionally making a terrible super hero movie to spite Marvel who wanted the rights to this property back so they could relaunch the franchise as part of its cinematic universe?

Let us know what you think.

Source: Uproxx