We still don’t know much about Marvel’s Phase 4, but things are going to be getting more galactic as James Gunn is set to produce ‘Howard the Duck!’ Initial details from the script have been revealed, and from them, we have a few ideas of where the story could go as well! No word as to who will be writing or directing the film at this time.

Last year we had heard that Gunn might be developing Guardians of the Galaxy spin-offs and this looks to be the first of them!

We’ve already seen Howard the Duck escape The Collector in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and jaunting around the Galaxy in Vol. 2, but this movie will see him returning to Knowhere.

We’ll quickly learn that on his homeworld, Howard was a private eye and so he’ll be mirroring his comic counterpart as a detective. Only, in this instance, it will be on a cosmic scale.

It isn’t clear why he returns to Knowhere after he escaped The Collector but we’ll also learn that, just as in the comics, Cosmo will now be running the place, and he needs Howard to find something for him.

The two became friends while imprisoned and Howard is one of the few people that Cosmo believes he can trust. That is all we know at this point but as the events in the film will take place after both ‘Avengers 4’ and the break up of the team which is set to occur in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ it wouldn’t surprise me if one or more of these heroes were to make an appearance as well.

Who knows, maybe some Ravagers could end up being involved as it wouldn’t surprise me if James helped his brother Sean get another gig out of the deal.

Are you looking forward to a ‘Howard the Duck’ movie? Which established MCU characters would you like to see cameo in the film? Share your thoughts below, True Believers and Happy April Fool’s Day!