What is a vegetarian vampire to do when the blood supply dries up? Aidan’s ability to control his darkest desires is threatened when his access to stored human blood is denied. Also, Josh and Nora face their second change together and Sally considers reincarnation in this week’s emotionally raw and tense episode.

This is a recap, so spoilers are ahead.

Josh, Nora, and Sally stand in front of storage units. Josh has rented two units, one for him and one for Nora. Sally will lock them in so they can safely change. Nora isn’t thrilled about Josh’s idea; she is still trying to make sense of being a werewolf, but Josh flashes back to Nora killing the vampire. Josh wants to tape their change. When he first became a werewolf, he was focused on finding a cure. He got distracted after he met Aidan and decided to live a normal life. He wants to find a cure; he wants to fix things. Also, as usual, Josh feels guilty for cursing Nora. “I will let a ghost lock me in a storage unit so that you can videotape me while I take my clothes off and turn into an animal,” Nora says; she has agreed to Josh’s plan. They kiss.

Sally steps away. She sees a shadow move oddly; she is still preoccupied with the dark force that could be after her. Sally tenses, but it is only the shadow of a woman.

During the opening scenes is a voiceover by Josh about how humans feel guilty and want to repair the damage they have caused while monsters don’t care about the havoc they unleash on others.

Aidan wakes up at Julia’s place. For a moment, I think this could be another Rebecca scenario, but Julia is alive. They engage in pillow talk. Julia is still recovering from a bad breakup. They discuss how they plan to act because they will be working together (she is a doctor). They kiss. Aidan goes to the bathroom and gets some blood from his bag. The bag is about a quarter full. He drinks and regains control. He gets a condom and plans on spending more time with Julia.

Sally and Josh are at the hospital. Aidan finally arrives; he is late for work. Sally teases him, and Aidan admits that he is seeing a human female. Sally is happy, but Josh snaps into Concerned Mode: Aidan, are you okay? Aidan, can you handle this? Aidan, are you in control? Aidan promises to not kill this one. He is not ready for Josh to meet her; the relationship is casual and fun. Convinced, Josh gives his blessing, but Aidan really wasn’t asking for it.

Sally winds up in the maternity ward; she finds the babies fascinating. A nurse tells her that no unauthorized ghosts are allowed. Sally thinks the nurse is dead, but she is not. Sally is surprised that the live nurse can see her. The nurse tells Sally that she has a sixth sense and asks Sally to get in line. Sally turns; a long line of ghosts waits outside of the maternity ward. The situation confuses Sally.

Aidan tries to get blood from storage, but his key card won’t work. The people in charge think someone is stealing the blood supply for nefarious reasons, so security has been increased. Only supervisors can get to the blood. Uh oh.

At the maternity ward, Sally badmouths the nurse, and a ghost in line tells Sally that she shouldn’t get on the nurse’s bad side. The nurse, Zoe Gonzalez, is in charge of which ghosts get reincarnated. Sally didn’t know reincarnation was possible. Zoe carefully matches the ghost with the right baby and helps the baby accept the spirit.

Aidan and Julia are at his place. They are hot and heavy, which, of course, makes Aidan vamp out. He excuses himself and goes to the kitchen for “water.” In the kitchen, he drinks from his last bag of blood. Josh enters, and he remarks about how “normal” they are—two guys chatting it up before bedding their women. As Aidan leaves, Josh gives him a “thumbs up.” They look at each other; Aidan asks, “What’s that?” Josh admits the “thumbs up” was a lame gesture.

In Josh’s room, he works on the camera, and Nora complains about his smell. Their change is the next night, and Josh explains that the wolf in her is surfacing and heightening her senses. He has her go to the window. She lists the smells. He stands behind her. They can hear Aidan have sex, getting Nora in the mood. She wants Josh. Josh thinks about working on the camera more. Nora wants Josh NOW. She wins.

The next morning, Sally tells Josh and Aidan about her desire to be reincarnated. They laugh. Josh says that reincarnation is not possible, is not even real. Their reaction angers Sally, and the house shakes. Aidan wants her to stop because his lady is still there. Julia comes down to the kitchen. Julia looks at Josh. Josh looks at Julia. They are stunned because they know each other.

Julia is Josh’s ex. Julia is THAT Julia.

I’m not an expert on the Bro Code. To my understanding, knowingly having sex with your friend’s ex is a violation of the Code, but what if you don’t know your current fling is your friend’s ex-fiancée?

Josh follows Julia outside. He can’t believe she is in Boston, and he is not happy to learn she will be working at “his” hospital. He apologizes for his reaction. Julia feels awful and awkward. Josh is the last person she thought she would see. Josh apologizes for leaving her, telling her that he can’t tell her everything but to trust that it was better for her that he left. He just wants her to believe him that things are for the best. Julia slaps him. And I’m glad. Josh deserves it. (I didn’t like the way he treated Nora in last week’s episode.)

Josh starts to back inside. In the doorway is Nora. From her body language, Josh (and the audience) knows she is upset.

The casting of Natalie Brown as Julia is perfect. She and Sam Huntington (Josh) have the right chemistry that conveys the two characters have a lot of unresolved issues. The scene is short, but the writing and the acting come together in such a way that we know a lot more about Julia and Josh than what was written on the page.

Sally is back at the maternity ward, but she can’t get in because Zoe has blocked the entry with salt. Sally watches as Zoe helps a ghost (the one in line Sally talked to) enter a baby. Zoe is angry that Sally watched; the procedure is delicate, and any disturbance can make things go wrong. Sally is curious about Zoe. As a baby, a ghost came to Zoe and tried to enter her. She screamed, scaring the ghost. She thinks a part of the ghost is inside of her, which has allowed her to communicate with ghosts and help them enter babies. Sally tries to convince Zoe to help her, but Zoe is not impressed. If Sally was such a good person, then she should wait for her door. Sally tells Zoe that she didn’t enter the door because she decided to help her roommates instead. This gets Zoe’s attention; she is interested in meeting Sally’s roommates. Interviewing her roommates will help Zoe determine if Sally is a good candidate for reincarnation.

Josh and Aidan have a heated discussion about Julia. Josh can’t believe Aidan met Julia at a bar. The Julia he knew never went to bars, but Aidan tells him that Julia has changed, and Josh is the one who changed her. Julia has emotional scars from their breakup. Josh demands to know why Aidan was at the bar. Aidan admits to being tempted to make Julia a meal, but he didn’t. Aidan didn’t know who Julia was, and he didn’t sleep with her to hurt Josh. Josh just can’t handle that his ex could have been dinner for Aidan. Aidan tells Josh that he will stop seeing Julia. Josh tries to convince himself that Julia must be fine now because she is a doctor, and he has always known that she would be a great doctor.

Sally bursts in. They need to get ready to be interviewed by Zoe. Sally wants to be reincarnated. She is tired of being an observer. She was only 23 when she died; she deserves another shot at life.

Zoe meets Josh and Aidan. Sally tells them that Zoe wants to meet other regular humans who can communicate with the dead. Zoe tells Sally to leave.

Sally waits anxiously on the steps. Zoe comes out. She cannot help Sally. Her roommates love her, but Zoe is concerned that Sally is still angry. Sally did try to kill her former fiancée. Sally defends her actions, but Zoe refuses to work with a damaged ghost. Besides, Sally has a house and friends, which is more than a lot of ghosts out there. Sally keeps begging for her help, and Zoe wants to know why. Sally tells her about the dark force that seems to be after her. Zoe informs Sally that if she is being pursued then becoming an infant will make her defenseless.

Nora is at work. She sees Julia. Nora gives Julia directions, but Nora is a bit chilly towards Julia. Julia says that she knows the real Josh. Julia doesn’t know the exact reasons Josh left her, and she doesn’t like the idea that Nora might know the truth. Nora tries to defend Josh, but Julia says that Nora will eventually meet the self-centered, cruel piece of garbage that Josh is.

Aidan is in the ER. Many nurses and doctors work on a patient who is close to death. The doctor tells Aidan, “Suction! Now!” Aidan provides the suction himself and vamps out.

It was a dream. Aidan fell asleep on the couch. Sally mentions that he looks paler than usual. He is because he hasn’t eaten. If he doesn’t eat, then the hunger will take over; he will become sick, and eventually the hunger will be too much, and he will binge eat. Sally is concerned that she will come home to a mountain of dead bodies. Aidan tells her that drinking live is different; he has a hard time controlling himself when he drinks from humans. Aidan is afraid that if he starts drinking live again, he will slip and become the ruthless beast he was with Bishop.

Sally goes back to the maternity ward. A janitor sweeps the salt away, so Sally can enter. She talks to a baby and tries to coax the baby into allowing her to enter. She is about to attempt to enter the crying baby when the dark force appears. Sally says she will not let it take the baby. The dark thing rushes Sally, and she ends up outside of the maternity ward. Zoe sees her, and she is pissed. She knows Sally wanted to take a baby. Sally says that she stopped because the thing would have followed her and it would not have been fair to the baby. Zoe agrees to help Sally with the dark force.

At the storage unit, Josh mounts the camera rig. Nora doesn’t want to be locked up; she wants to be free. Josh tells her that in the beginning that is how you feel, but to protect others, it is best if they are locked up. Nora thinks if they changed in the woods, they would be calm together as wolves. Josh tells her that she is a killer, but she confesses that she knows what she has done. Josh says he understands she didn’t tell him to protect him, but now he wants to protect her. “No. If you wanted to protect me, you would have run away before you did this to me. Like you did for Julia. For me, you had no problem cursing me,” the anger drips from each word as Nora says them. Josh’s mouth and eyes are wide as he watches her walk away.

Aidan and Julia meet in the hallway at work. She thinks they are still together, but Aidan tells her that it is over. He is not going to throw away a friendship for a three-week old fling. She asks him if there is really nothing between them. Aidan stares at her neck; he hears her beating heart and the rushing blood. He tells her it was just sex and walks away. The expression on Julia’s face clearly reveals her anguish from having her heart crushed again.

Nora sees Julia leave work. Nora stalks Julia and watches her enter her home. Nora stares at Julia’s place, and it seems she is ready to break down the door and kill Julia. A car horn breaks the spell. Nora didn’t realize she was in the street. Nora is shocked by her actions.

Josh and Sally are at the storage unit. Josh cannot find Nora. Sally tells him that she would miss him if she ever went anywhere. Zoe has agreed to help Sally with the dark force. Josh thinks there has to be another way for Sally to move on. The moment is tender. Sally’s yearnings are understandable. She is facing an eternity of being an observer. I cannot imagine the frustration I would feel if all I ever wanted was right in front of me but just out of my reach. Although Sally thought about taking over a baby, her humanity kicked into gear in time for her to realize the consequences of her actions. I’m constantly impressed by Meaghan Rath’s portrayal of Sally; Rath could make Sally annoying and whining, but I am constantly moved by Sally’s struggles with her turmoil.

Aidan knocks on a door. An older lady answers. She knows Aidan is a vampire, but she is not afraid. She invites him into her apartment. A man with large muscles is there; he has a wooden stake. He is her protection. The woman is a willing snack. Aidan doesn’t want to go to a blood den because certain people would use that piece of information against him, so he has found another solution. He pays her fee of $300 and drinks. The man has to pull Aidan away. Aidan falls to the floor giddy from the thrill of tasting live.

Nora arrives at the storage unit. She admits that Josh is right; she agrees to be locked up. Sally locks them in. They change.

Can Aidan survive on snacks alone? I doubt it. Aidan descending into darkness will be interesting to see, especially if he completely gives in to his inner beast. We got tastes of the former Aidan, Bishop’s cunning and loyal soldier, during flashbacks last season, so watching Aidan transform into his former self intrigues me. Of course Josh will discover that Aidan has fallen off the wagon, and I’m positive Josh will lecture Aidan repeatedly about his transgressions. What Josh fails to understand is that being a werewolf is not the same as being a vampire. Josh is a wolf for one night out of a month; he has a month to plan where he will change and to prepare for the transformation. Aidan is a vampire 24/7; he has to fight temptation every single day because blood is food, and without killing, he could starve. I sense that this season is going to be darker than last season, and I wouldn’t mind if that happens. When things fall apart, great drama is the result, and the show’s writers and actors are fully capable of making a journey into Hell fascinating to witness.

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