Lois Lane gets something of a raw deal.  Besides Wonder Woman, she’s arguably the most famous female in comics– a household name, really.  She’s been part of Superman’s world since his very first appearance in ‘Action Comic’s #1 and has appeared in every adapted version, going back to Noel Neill’s depiction in the 1948 serial to Amy Adam’s take in ‘Man of Steel.’

Yet she’s always overshadowed by her powerful sometime-boyfriend.  But the ace reporter is about to step out from his formidable shadow and take centerstage.  No, she isn’t getting her own comic book.  (She did headline one, however, from 1958-74.)

No, Lois Lane  is headed to what may be argued is a more female-friendly format, that of a YA book series.  YA novels are all the rage, with ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Twilight’, ‘Divergent‘ and ‘The Hunger Games‘ (among others) being some of the hugest sensations in publishing in ages.

Her new book, in what could become a series, is entitled ‘Lois Lane: Fallout’ and details the teen years as this “army brat” moves to Metropolis with her family.  (This is in keeping with her comic book origin.)  Unfortunately, Lois encounters problems at her new high school.  What does deviate from the comic book continuity is that there is a certain male transfer student with the screen name “Smallville Guy” who is “maybe-more-than-a-friend.”

The book is penned by established YA writer Gwenda Bond and will be released by Switch Press next year.  Bond actually teased the announcement earlier this week, by tweeting that her next book featured  “an iconic character — definitely someone you know.”

Lois Lane joins two Marvel characters on the shelves of Barnes & Noble.  Earlier this year ‘The She-Hulk Diaries’ and ‘Rogue Touch’ were released, aimed at the same YA audience.

Are you interested in the teenage exploits of this sleuthing reporter?  If so, the book is available for preorder from Amazon.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter