With Wolverine getting ready to die in his own book, I’ve been wondering when ‘Wolverine & The X-Men’ would start leading up to Logan’s death. I highly suspect that this issue is the first that is going to be leaning towards his legacy. In the last issue we’ve finished dealing with the entire future story line that felt a little forced and I did not enjoy how it ended. While not all of the story lines were finalized, we don’t pickup the pieces that are still out there waiting to be explored. No, instead we go on a different route and I really enjoyed this shift of perspective.

Writer Jason Latour gives us a start by reintroducing us to someone from Wolverine’s past. Well, Wolverine’s recent past. Logan’s recent ex, Melita Garner has returned. She’t not out for love or revenge as a woman spurned though. No, she has unfinished business with Wolverine. It’s something he doesn’t want her to do and is willing to hire a lawyer to get her to cease and desist. I’m sure it helps that the lawyer is Matt Murdock!

OK, so the cover gave it away but don’t let it fool you. Most of those on the cover aren’t really featured too heavily in the book. They are more of a background so you don’t forget that they are there. Also Murdock isn’t about to go toe to toe with the X-Men.

Yes, Daredevil is on the case and he’s helping both on the legal end and by keeping Melita safe. All of this is a great way to even make a quick cameo by one of her and Daredevil’s old friends, over the phone at least. What she wants to do hasn’t only drawn Logan’s attention but that of the Red Right Hand! With her life in danger and a cease and desist in the air will she keep up her quest or be steered away from it?

The book ends and we see Logan drinking alone in a bar. With no healing factor, he can get drunk again and he claims that isn’t why he makes a certain phone call that he probably wouldn’t make while sober. Sure bub, we believe you. I think the phone call is going to result in the next issue’s content and once again push the edge of what we love about who Logan has become before his upcoming demise.

Heart string tugging bastards!

Latour gave us a different shift of characters and a separate location for this to take place in and I felt it was a much stronger book for it. I think we’re in the home stretch of Wolverine being in this series to match his death and they handled the lead in quite beautifully. I think it’ll actually be quite painful to see how the students and Storm react to his death. This issue is the first since the reboot that I can fully say felt like a full on ‘X-Men’ issue that felt right. Surprisingly, not a whole lot of fighting aside from ninjas and they don’t count as people anyway!


Writer: Jason Latour
Artist: Mahmud A. Asrar