Marvel is kicking off a new miniseries entitled ‘Axis’ in October and by the fourth issue in November, the Marvel Universe will be a very different place as heroes turn evil and villains seek redemption in what is being referred to as ‘Inversion.’  This move is described as “the recalibration of the Marvel Universe’s moral compass.”

Writer, Rick Remender says to expect one of the already darker characters from Marvel’s heroic side, The Hulk, to go even darker as Kluh, who Remender details as “the blackest, darkest, most evil thing … the Hulk’s Hulk.”  Meanwhile, expect Iron Man, Tony Stark, to revert to “who he used to be [as an arms manufacturer], somewhat.”

As for what villains will attempt to forge a new heroic path?  Two Spider-Man opponents will get new series, Hobgoblin and Carnage.

And despite rumors that the X-men would have a diminished presence in the Marvel Universe, expect the mutants to play a large role in this event.  “What the X-Men do in this event is not something the world can forget any time soon,” Remender states.

“The promise of an event this big has to be lasting ramifications that lead to more big stories.  ‘Axis will lead to a whole new book I am writing with a number of characters who are very changed from this story. The inversion isn’t going to be completely wrapped up with a perfect bow.”

Marvel has long had a history of characters changing sides, going back to Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Hawkeye and Black Widow going from being villains to heroes, while later Scarlet Witch went back to being a menace and Jean Grey eventually becoming Dark Phoenix.

What do you hope to see in this event?  What heroes would make good villains?  And vice versa?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter